Preview for Friends Forever #36

MLP_FF36-cvrMOCKA preview for Friends Forever #36 is now up on iTunes. It’s currently listed to be released on January 25th. Check out the preview after the break.

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Preview for Friendship is Magic #50


iTunes has a preview for the 50th issue of Friendship is Magic! Check it out after the break.

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I knew I forgot something! Actually, I didn’t because I had tons of other things going on between the end of “To Where and Back Again” and now. Anyway, admittedly this season was not as stellar as Seasons Four and Five. It was not as mindblowing as Season Four or emotionally pulling as Season Five. It was still an enjoyable season nonetheless. As usual, we go from 24th to 1st. Of course with time, opinions tend to change about certain episodes and indeed, I’ve adjusted the grades of some episodes in Season Six. You’ll find out which ones along the way. So let’s get to it!

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Source: MLP: FIM, Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

As 2016 winds to an end, I want to do something different.  Rather than reflect upon the show directly, I want to celebrate a very minor detail in pony apocrypha.  Last year, Hasbro released an album, “It’s a Pony Kind of Christmas.”  The songs on it have a wide range.  Some are quite beautifully scored, and some are tender, but for the most part, the appeal of the album is its whimsical nature – and unapologetic corniness.

One track on it, however, stands out above the others.  The Apple Family’s version of Auld Lang Syne.  Like all the songs on the album, it’s a classic tune with altered lyrics.  This version is about family.  Nostalgia. Tradition.  Solid subject matter for Applejack, for obvious reasons.  However, whoever put this song together snuck something else in there.  Something deeper.  “Days Gone By” is not just a generic song about family.  It captures something extremely specific.   It is all  about paying tribute to family members who aren’t with us.

Have a look at the opening lines:

“When family cannot be here
Havin’ journeyed far and wide
We sing a song to honor them
To remember days gone by.”

The song doesn’t say so directly, of course, but it really feels – to me at least – like Applejack is singing about her dead parents.  The specific words that were chosen are very reminiscent of the way one talks about one’s ancestors, or the recently departed.  You don’t “sing a song to honor” your cousin who couldn’t make it to a New Year’s eve party, no matter how much you love them.  That’s how you celebrate those no longer with us.

The entire song lends itself to duel interpretation.  Even the lyrics put in there to be reassuring (that the song is about something other than honoring the dead) – come off as merely metaphorical.  The departed are not there because they are “journeying,” or in later verses, “across seas far and wide.”   These lyrics almost paint a picture of death as a sort of new beginning.  After all, the moral of the song is that those whom we love are still with us in spirit, and that the way to honor them is to tell stories of days gone by.

If you haven’t heard the album, I would strongly recommend, at the very least, to give this song a listen.  Why?  Because 2016 sucked.

It was a year of tremendous loss – not just of the countless beloved celebrities – people who made remarkable contributions to the world – but on and intimate level too.  A lot of us lost loved ones.  Family members.  Pets.  You’d be hard-pressed to find somebody who doesn’t, in some way, feel like this entire year is cursed.  It’s even been a running gag all over the Internet that, this New Year’s, rather than celebrating the birth of 2017, we will all be celebrating the death of 2016.

As cute as that sounds, I think we have an opportunity to make more of it than that.  Let’s take this opportunity to honor those we have lost in 2016 – to celebrate their lives, and the many ways, however small, that our own lives were changed because of their contributions.  Let’s celebrate that we are still here.

Even as we face what is sure to be a tumultuous and uncertain future, let us look to those who made a difference for us in our pasts, and with those memories, plant a seed of responsibility – a dedication to make a difference for others, and to live out the legacies of those we have lost.  I’m not talking about lame resolutions we all break two weeks into December.  I’m talking about a way of looking at the world – a way of looking at our heroes, and using them as a source of inspiration.

Few of us get memes made about us when we pass, nor are we talked about on television, but we can leave our own legacies behind through the people whose lives we touch – through lives well lead.  And while we’re still here, let’s look back at those who paved the way for us in our own lives, and raise our cider mugs high.


Excerpt from SONG: DAYS GONE BY

“Our paths will cross again one day
In time to reunite
For family is always near
Even when the seas are wide
So take your cup and raise it high
Just as surely I’ll do mine
And make a toast for family
And the tales of days gone by.”


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IDW Solicitations for March 2017


Solicitations for the month of March are here, and in addition to the usual Friendship is Magic and Friends Forever books, we also have a book that’s a deviation from the norm. Find out what’s coming after the break.

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Help! My Heart is Full of Pony! – Zebra Joy

Source: Season 2, Episode 4

Source: Season 2, Episode 4

The theme of season six was “Explore Equestria,” and the show made good on its promise.  It expanded on season five’s goal of developing, and expanding exotic locations within the My Little Pony universe.  We got to see the Dragonlands, and Pony Vegas.  We also got to see…wherever the heck the changelings live.  However, the one location that the show still hasn’t explored at all is the homeland of one of the oldest races in the show – zebras.  (In my head, I call it “Zimbabneigh”).

Well, I’ve been thinking.  Whenever people post about wanting the show to develop the zebra race more, they always say they want to see “Zecora’s village.”  A lot of us have some pretty fixed ideas about what the zebras are like, and naturally so.  But what if she doesn’t have a village?  What if Zecora is a lone traditionalist living off the grid?

What if the zebras actually have teeming metropolises – a highly technologically advanced, space-faring civilization?  What if the tables were turned, and Twilight Sparkle, sent to Zimbabneigh by the Cutie Map, journeyed there, expecting to find huts, only to find out that she was the one considered primitive?

An episode about that could shatter the Mane Six’s (and our) preconceived notions about Zecora’s race, expand on the lessons of Bridle Gossip, and maybe even create some awareness.

I thought about writing more on this subject – even drafted a few versions of this essay that involved long drawn out character analyses, theories about Equestrian anthropology (equology?), parallels to earth’s global politics, parallels to race politics, praise and analysis of Bridle Gossip‘s lessons;  etc., etc., etc.

However, to be perfectly honest, it all sucked.

It came out totally forced, and what’s worse, knowing that the essay wasn’t working just drove me to pressure myself to try to force it some more – to get ‘er done – to finish at any cost.  Unfortunately, there was literally no way to write a huge chunk of it without getting more political than I’d care to. No matter what your political leanings are, we all need a place to put that stuff aside for a while, and no matter what I have to write in praise of Bridle Gossip’s lesson, its beauty will always be its simplicity.   (You don’t need me or anyone else to tell you what you already know).

It’s really, really, really, really easy, as a content creator, to get swept up – to get excited about the next big idea – to write about the next unexplored angle, or a new and clever way to articulate things that everypony already instinctively knows.  It’s easy to end up pressuring yourself – to get fixated on numbers rather than people.  Personally, I set a goal of increasing my writing output, and frankly, it got to me – made me anxious – and, ironically made me un-good-er at writing.

Sometimes the most important thing you can do is to put all of that stupid arbitrary stuff aside – those little obsessions that feel so important  – those little goals that grant us self esteem points – and just remember your joy.  Reflect on what drew you into this crazy fandom in the first place.  Pony should never, ever, ever feel like work.  The moral of the story is that space zebras are awesome.

The thought of them makes me smile, and that’s all that matters.



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Guardians of Harmony Toy Commercial


MLP’s Guardians of Harmony toy line which has been in stores for most of the year has a commercial which aired on ABC, alongside Frozen and Target’s 11-minute holiday commercial. Check it out after the break.

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