Friendship is Magic #22 Preview

Friendship is Magic #22 Cover by Agnes Garbowska

Friendship is Magic #22 Cover by Agnes Garbowska

iTunes has put a preview for issue #22 of Friendship is Magic. Expect the conclusion to the Manehatten Mystery in two weeks, along with issue #4 of Littlest Pet Shop. See past the break to check out the preview.

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Calling all musicians! Bronies for Good is organizing its fifth charity album, Shine Together, and we will be accepting submissions all summer long.

Thanks to the tremendous work of the music community, the ongoing Seeds of Kindness 3 fundraiser together with the two previous ones have raised over $100,000 from online donations alone, supporting various Your Siblings and Engineers Without Borders projects in Uganda, Burundi, and Tanzania. We incorporated a few suggestions and rule changes to make this work even better for the musicians, and we would like to ask for your help to support the outstanding work of the Against Malaria Foundation!

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IDW Kids Comics Panel from SDCC

Photo taken by PictishBeast

Photo taken by PictishBeast

Yesterday, San Diego Comic Con came to close. Yesterday was also when IDW had its Kids Comics! panel, an event meant for discussing several of their series targeted towards kids, including My Little Pony. PictishBeast, a member of the Round Stable, posted several pictures taken along with some information on upcoming comics and some questions answered by the MLP comic staff that attended the panel. The information can be found past the break.

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DerpyCon South Badge Giveaway

An announcement from our friends in the Big Easy!

DerpyCon South’s hotel block needs to be filled, so we are giving away free passes with the extra incentive of an Alicorn pass if we meet 80% of our block! An Alicorn pass comes with a night in the hotel, so if you win that you basically come for free, get awesome swag, VIP status, and the best time at the con! Getting a hotel room before the cutoff date of August 15th will IMMENSELY help the convention, not only this year but next as well.

We are giving away 1 Alicorn pass*, 2 sponsorship passes*, 4 weekend passes and 6 day passes to be chosen randomly from those who register their hotel rooms at our discount rate of $99 in the DCS hotel block below.

However, this opportunity will only be available until August 15th, *and the Alicorn pass and Sponsorship Passes will be replaced with weekend passes if we do not reach 150 room nights.**

So what are you waiting for, get your hotel booked today! Each night booked counts as one entry!

(**if you don’t win a pass, you’ll get an extra hour in our rock quarry)

—James Raborn

Convention Organizer
DerpyCon South

Fillies, gentlecolts and all you bronies who like to get down, Nightmare Nights Dallas is excited to announce our EQuestria Dance Music concerts! Two nights, twelve performers, ten hours of solid EDM madness! These 12 DJs will be giving it their all to deliver two nights that are so awesome, Luna will hear it from the moon! So join us this October 24-25, for amazing performances by Basscat, Chang31ing, DJ Calcos, DJTetsuo, DKKS, Lyonize, One Trick, Notica, Shroo, SMOR3S, Tremil and TripDiam that’ll really rock your Nightmare Night! Be sure to follow @EQuestria_NMND for more.

Nightmare Nights Dallas is Texas’s largest My Little Pony fan based convention. Come join us this October 24-26 in a celebration of not only Nightmare Moon but all things MLP. Please visit us online at, follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook for all our latest announcements.

Entry into the concerts require a con membership. Nightmare Nights Dallas 2014 memberships can be purchased here.

Till Her return, bide…

Hasbro Studios has posted a PMV with an extended version of “Let the Rainbow Remind You,” as EquestriaGuy informs us. Watch it after the break.

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For those who didn’t attend the My Little Pony panel at San Diego Comic Con, here is a compilation of points discussed and questions answered, provided by Equestria Daily, about season 4, season 5, Rainbow Rocks, and just in general. Also, we also have a sneak peak animatic of season 5 at the bottom. Check past the break for all the goods.

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