In this episode, we see that Starlight Glimmer has been doing very well with her magic spells and appears to be Twilight’s equal in that department as observed in the cold open. However, one area that Starlight is currently lacking is in her friendship lessons. She is a little uneasy about those lessons. So much so, that she is going to attempt to do five at once using magic to impress Twilight while she and Spike are away at Canterlot to present at Celestia’s school.

Those friendship tasks are as follows:

  • Bake a cake with Pinkie Pie
  • Sew with Rarity
  • Catalog family photos with Applejack
  • Help Fluttershy with her animals
  • And “Chillax” with Rainbow Dash

So, she uses a hypnotic spell (I’m not going to use words for the spells here) on the Mane Five to help her with her lessons. As we have learned with attempting to use magic to solve friendship problems (or make them in “Lesson Zero”), it doesn’t end well. Especially when turning them into pony versions of Siri and they take your instructions literally.

Twilight and Spike return to the mess and tell Starlight that she was missing the point of the lessons. The emphasis was not on baking an actual cake, but to get to know Pinkie Pie. Starlight is likely not the best at baking, sewing, cataloging, animal care, or “chillaxing”; but the point was to get to know the rest of the Mane Five. Starlight apologizes for her actions and the lessons go off better—especially the “chillaxing” part.

This episode does have some hints of “Lesson Zero,” but the point here is that while “Friendship is Magic,” magic is not necessarily friendship. Starlight is equaling Twilight in terms of magic, but social skills are clearly lacking. Twilight had some social skills, but they were not geared towards making friends at the beginning. The lesson is a bit repetitive of having magic solve your problems (“Winter Wrap-Up”, “Inspiration Manifestation”), but given the context of the story, it still works here.

There are times that we need to occasionally re-learn a lesson. That’s for the longtime viewers of the show in particular. So this was a very good episode for the lesson being taught here. It may be a bit repetitive, but some of the best lessons need to be re-learned once in a while.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Great less about magic can’t always solve your problems
  • +  Relatable conflict with Starlight
  • +  Comedy
  • +  Magic practice at the start
  • –  Not the most original lesson (but still works here)


On a side note:  This episode was the last storyboarded by Sabrina Alberghetti. She had been with the show since the beginning and was a popular figure among pony fans. We at Derpy News thank her for all her work on the show and wish her and her husband Andrew (aka MandoPony) the best in the future.


light_lumic4_twilight_sunset_starlight_flying_over_by_light262-daiss7d[1] Twilight Sunset Starlight Flying over by Light262

621 – “Every Little Thing She Does”

Written by: Michael Vogel
When falling behind on her friendship lessons, Starlight Glimmer attempts to do several lessons at once.

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Clip for “Every Little Thing She Does”

A new clip has appeared for Saturday’s episode of My Little Pony.

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The map calls Applejack and Fluttershy to Las Pegasus to solve a friendship problem. They are hesitant to go since the hustle and bustle of Las Pegasus is not quite their thing, but Twilight reassures them that the map wouldn’t send them there if it didn’t think they were best fit to solve the problem at hand.

They go to a resort that, since this is a kids’ show, includes rides and games you would see at Chuck E. Cheese’s. They meet the resort owner called Gladmane who credits the success of his resort to “Friendship and hard work”. Everyone seems to get along with Gladmane, but AJ and Fluttershy also come across the Flim Flam Brothers who are not getting along at the moment. Fluttershy sees a friendship problem there, AJ wants no part of them.

However, AJ then sees the same ponies who are part of the show and they are arguing with one another as well when Gladmane is not around. It turns out the Gladmane has been double dealing the individual performers as well as Flim and Flam so the former would have to stay at the resort and the latter could not team up to take over his resort. So AJ and Fluttershy team up with the Flim-Flams to expose Gladmane. Their first ruse is seen through by Gladmane, but that was part of another plan to get his guard down as AJ and Fluttershy get him to spill the beans using the PA system. Don’t worry, Flim and Flam are not totally reformed as they maintain the show and urges patrons to use their imagination at half price.

I feel many an opinion of this episode will depend largely on how one feels about Flim and Flam in this episode. We had a comic in the Friends Forever series where Granny Smith had to bring Flim and Flam together.  The fact they are not totally reformed at the end may make some fans feel comfortable after seeing a rapid succession of reforms in Season Five.

Fluttershy continues to show more self confidence in Season Six and encourages AJ to work with Flim and Flam to expose Gladmane. AJ may like the idea of Flim and Flam not getting along because it would mean less trouble for AJ, but it turns out to be part of the friendship problem needed solving after linking the performers’ problems with those of Flim and Flam and making the connection.

It’s not an outstanding episode, but a good one with continuing development for Fluttershy and present a problem where one has to work with someone they are not crazy about.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Fluttershy
  • +  Las Pegasus scenery
  • –  Mileage may vary on Flim Flams




620 – “Viva Las Pegasus”

Written by: Kevin Burke, Chris “Doc” Wyatt
The Cutie Map sends Applejack and Fluttershy to Las Pegasus, where they once again run into the Flim Flam brothers.

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