Friends Forever #35 Preview


A preview for Friends Forever #35, starring Twilight and Starlight, has shown up on iTunes. This issue is currently slated for December 14th. Check out the preview after the break.

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In a world of voice actors, one man stands as a guiding force, a beacon in the star-filled sky, a new hope for us all. With the strength and steadfastness of an apple tree, he cries “Eeyup.” This Spring, BABSCon is pleased to welcome back the force that is Peter New!

Peter’s iconic “Eeyup” has brought such life and character to MLP:FiM’s wise Big Macintosh, who is he is arguably one of the most beloved male characters of the show.  But Peter New isn’t just a one “Eeyup” man. Many of the other stallions we meet are voiced by Peter as well, including Rarity’s and Pinkie Pie’s dads …plus Squizzard, the mighty squid wizard. Peter also had an amazing musical number in the episode “Filli Vanilli.” Lest anyone forget, one year Peter also arrived at BABSCon’s Saturday VA panel as the glorious Princess Big Mac.

In addition to his “apple” acting, Peter New is the speaking and singing voice of Sunil Nevis on Littlest Pet Shop, made on-screen appearances on shows such as Psych, Stargate SG-1, Dead Like Me, and Point Blank, and even had a Leo Award Nominated role as Donald Dirk in Sunflower Hour.

Peter New joins Tabitha St. Germain as a Guest of Honor at BABSCon 2017 and we have a lot more industry and community guests to announce! Register now at

Also, be on the lookout for amazing Black Friday deals starting Thanksgiving night. Here’s a hint: the code is BLACKFRIDAY20

BABSCon, the Bay Area Brony Spectacular, is the San Francisco Bay Area’s annual convention for fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and associated titles. Operating since 2014, BABSCon brings together some of the most talented actors, writers, and artists in the industry and fandom to meet and interact with attendees, and provides a family-friendly safe space for fans to learn about animation, buy and sell wares and art, support local charities, and make new friends that attend from all around the world.

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IDW Solicitations for February 2017


IDW solicitations for the month of February are now available. Check out the details of everything that’s coming, including an Annual, after the break.

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Lee Tockar, voice of Snips and Steven Magnet on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, won the award for Best Voice at the UBCP/ACTRA Awards in Vancouver on Saturday night. Lee won for his part in Slugterra as the voice of Pronto. This is Lee’s first win in the category.

All of the nominees this year have voiced, or are currently voicing on MLP, and two were nominated for MLP itself. Those were Peter Kelamis as the voice of Bid Daddy McColt in “The Hooffields and McColts” and Andrea Libman, a two-time winner herself, as Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy in “The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows”. Peter New was nominated for his work as Sunil on Littlest Pet Shop in the episode “Petnapped!” and Vincent Tong was nominated for his work as the voice of Irwin on Nerds and Monsters.

Congratulations to Lee on his win and to all the nominees this year!


Friends Forever #34 Preview


iTunes has a preview for Friends Forever #34, starring Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich. This issue is currently slated to be released on November 23rd. Check out the preview after the break.

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Friendship is Magic #48 Preview


A preview from iTunes for next week’s issue! Friendship is Magic #48 will be the first part of a new three part story arc. Check out the preview after the break.

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625 & 626 – “To Where and Back Again”

Written by: Josh Haber, Michael Vogel
Without the assistance of Twilight Sparkle and the Mane Six, Starlight Glimmer must work alone to assemble an unlikely team of heroes to defend Equestria from the return of one of its greatest threats.; To rescue her friends and save Equestria, Starlight Glimmer leads an unlikely band of heroes against on of the ponies’ oldest and greatest foes.

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