New Mini Collection sets

A Twitter user found these, along with the Applebloom set, at her local Toys ‘R Us.

They’re currently not listed on TRU’s site, so you’ll be able to find these at stores that move stock and restock fairly often. You can call ahead to see if they have them, but there’s no UPC/product codes for computer look ups just yet.

[Source: EqD]

  • >twilight sparkle gets her brother and cadance
    >applejack gets her brother and granny
    >rarity gets her fabulosity ponies
    >rainbow dash gets the wonderbolts
    >pinkie pie gets… zecora and aloe?

  • Harumph! I will have you know I am not just a Twitter user…I’m also a drunk!

    Anyhoo, have some UPC codes- Spa Pony Set- 53569 79053 and Famous Friends Set- 53569 79052