The BTVA Awards is a new award series that celebrates voice actors, because unfortunately in the past VAs have usually been left in the dark when it comes to awards. Within the many talents that have been nominated, several of the MLP’s voice actors have been selected. Votes are being done via the general public, so head on over and cast in your vote.

Andrea Libman Television My Little Pony: Pinkie Pie
John de Lancie Television My Little Pony: Discord
Tara Strong Television, Games, Best VA of the Year Fairly Odd Parents, Arkham City
Ashleigh Ball Best Breakthrough VA of the Year
Claire Corlett Best VA by a Child Actor My Little Pony: Sweetie Belle
Michelle Creber Best VA by a Child Actor My Little Pony: Apple Bloom
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  • Xsen

    Let’s show some support, everypony!!

  • bob

    uuuuuugh, too much talent, i can’t seem to make up my mind, they are some of the best around atm and all deserve praise :s

  • FoxMane

    By the beauty that is Princess Luna! I will support.

  • who

    >no nominations for Tabitha


  • Wiseau

    Who the hell is adding so many of the random background ponies with names that aren’t even FAN official yet?