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Earlier today, at 8:30 a.m. ET, Hasbro had its online quarterly report for its shareholders and media people. I was planning on listening in for pony-related business but managed to sleep through it. Thankfully though the fine folks over at The Round Stable were awake, and reported on it, read their original here.

In the sales department, the company posted growth all around, with increasing sales from retailers and consumers across the globe. In the girls department, the only product to show growth is MLP:FiM. The show is now played in 160 countries. The Hub’s ratings grew 32% among kids 2 to 11, relative to the prior year. MLP:FiM ranks #2 on the Hub, trailing Transformers: Rescue Bots. This is probably based on the target demographic, so even without the adult fandom behind it, the show does well (kids still know a good cartoon).

In general Hasbro isn’t doing as good, with a report 170 layoffs and a general loss of 2.6 million.

[Source: Nissl of The Round Stable]

  • Anonymoose

    170 layoffs? Well, the economy hasn’t been in awesome shape. Then again, is that a large number in proportion to how many people they actually have hired? They are a multi-national corporation, after all.

  • NZBrony

    Yah, 2.6m isn’t that bad in the grand scheme of hasbro. Considering their empire stretches from transformers to magic, friendship, more magic, and ponies, they’ve probably got quite a bit of room to move.

    And of course, they might want to consolidate areas of growth. Might see more input into ponies now.

  • Soundpony44

    #2! OK thats good. Behind Rescue bots? DA BUCK!? Well guess I can’t blame the kiddies, they just don’t have the taste for quality animation as older fans do, lol.

    But still glad to see MLP:FIM is one of the networks top shows. I’m sure if they included all the demogrpahics aside from just kids I bet it would easily be #1!

  • MrBoltitude

    Transformers: Rescue Bots is doing better than Prime? Fascinating.