Yay! 200k pageviews! Considering that this site has been operational since December, it’s about time! It’s a party!

Second, I’m sure you’ve noticed the increased amount of news being posted on here recently, with a new name attatched at the bottom. Some of you may know me, I go by plaster. I asked Derpysquad if I could help out when he’s busy making a living and he happily obliged. I’ll be going around and collecting whatever news I can from the source. Having been in the fanbase since October of 2010, I’ve gained quite the collection of connections from all over the fandom. If you have any news you want posted quickly, please contact me at plaster@derpymail.com. (The official report news button is buggy and is being looked into by the lovely Muffin Overlords.)

My goals for this site is to deliver any news I can about official Hasbro released news and videos from Hubworld as quickly as possible as well as any cool fan projects I can get my hands on.

In light of the newfound activity and to anyone just wondering; I’ve been on great terms with the guys at EqD and I don’t intend to try to “overtake them” or “be better than them” in any way. Derpysquad put it best: “I like to think of it as we are the Colbert Report to their Daily Show.” I do feel that since we originally opted out on hosting fanfiction posts we can focus on the news you care for most better than anything and get the news you want quicker without stepping on anyone’s toes.

On that note, we may not be the first place you go to for your pony news. But hey, we still love you.

Don’t forget about us!
(oh god Derpysquad don’t fire me for this)

  • pwny_pokes

    Yay! And grats on the pageviews!