2012 McDonald’s Toys Photos

For your criticism and over-analysis, here’s some closeups of the new McDonald’s My Little Pony toys, which I got by asking nicely.
Of course, none of the cutie marks are on model (but they cost less than a large fries).

Pinkie Pie, with one balloon.

Fluttershy, with one butterfly.

Rainbow Dash, with some kinda red dagger.

That’s almost right?

one apple

one flower

Rarity photos courtesy of Fadflamer.

The not-Derpy pony, Lily Blossom.

rarity’s hiding in the box
  • anon

    Lily Blossom is cute… I wonder when she’ll be given out? UuU

  • sarah

    I got a Pinkie Pie today. The cutie mark bugs me though. The toys can never seem to get it right can they? Lol but for a McDonald’s toy, she is pretty nice. I think she’s worth it.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    They don’t seem to really try with toys n such these days. Nevermind. I haven’t been to maccas in yonks.

    We also don’t get those nifty cardboard boxes over here. Just coloured paper bags.

  • The same awful plothole as in the first series…

    They’re quite cute till you take one to give it a closer look.

  • Derpyilicous

    I got pinkie pie ,rarity and applejack I was kinda mad when they only had one cutie mark but the toys are not so big so they cant up three another thing I noticed is that most of the ponies have the same position and that apple jack is smaller than all the other ponies

  • Julian (AppleJackFan)

    I got so far … Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Rarity, AppleJack, and Lily Blossom! Yeah the cutie marks are wrong but there the closes thing we Bronies have to a show like pony tony (without the long a$$ hair). I love em so much hehe, only had to pay 2.20 for them, got Fluttershy and Lily Blossom when I got a Happy Meal thou. Um, speaking of Rarity … where is she?

  • Derpyilicous

    I have so far lily blossom rarity pinkie pie and apple jack :D on the hunt for a flutter shy

  • sarah

    I got Rarity today. He tail is pink. O.o It’s weird. I only have Pinkie and Rarity. I’m going to see if my McDonald’s has any of the others yet. Oh!! If you have doubles they should trade them for another if you ask nicely. Mine did.

  • lillyblossomboss

    she has almost all of them but rarity :D

  • Derpyilicous

    I have almost all but rainbow dash and the teacher ( she’s hard to find )

  • Folly

    Can I be the first comment on the fact that RARITY’S HAIR IS OBVIOUSLY DEVOURING HER FACE AAAAAAA D:

    …not that I’m not going to be blowing $2 on her because there’s no such thing as a truly bad Rarity.

  • Anonymous

    Lily Blossom is best pony!

  • Hawaii Brony

    Think I lucked out in finding a few from this set at my local swap meet for about a buck each (still in the bags too). So far I’ve gotten Pinkie, Rarity, and Fluttershy. Kinda been trying to avoid happy meals since they halved the fries in favor of apple sticks (boo, i want fries T-T)

  • Isayla

    I have Pinkie, Rarity, Applejack, and Lily Blossom. I agree with the happy meal. The fries were so small, and the apple sticks were kinda meh. I just get a cheeseburger and large fry, cuz I get hungry in search of ponies. Glad I got the Hasbro toys of Twilight, I’d be bummed cuz I haven’t lucked out on finding a Twilight yet at Mcd’s. But oh well. I got a looot of Twilight Sparkle merch.

  • MD Worker

    The promotional period of the MLP toys ends on March 29 or until supplies run out. The toys come in cycles and the first cycle was with Pinkie Pie and Rarity (so you probably can’t find them anymore)then it was Fluttershy and Twilight (So there might still be some left, but it’s doubtful) Now they’re on Rainbow Dash, Lily Blossom, Cheerilee, and Apple Jack.