419 – “For Whom The Sweetie Belle Toils”

Written by Dave Polsky
“Disgusted with Rarity for attracting attention away from her, Sweetie Belle decides to have her revenge by ruining an outfit prepared for one of Rarity’s most valued clients; while sleeping, Sweetie Belle is contacted by Luna through a dream.”
DN Rating: TBA

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  • ManeFlame

    This episode proved I was wrong in thinking Sweetie Belle couldn’t get any more adorable. There was so much need to want to give a hug when she cried in the 5 year old flashback.

  • Aponymous

    does it sound odd I was hugging my funrise 10″ plush Rarity the whole time?

    also my ‘Name’ is one word (and apparently is an actual word)
    and seems the hub network (anypony else miss their old ‘it could happen’ tagline? I liked that) is updating early,instead of Monday it seem the sweetie belle toiled today,or is that tolled today? Either way it’s online officially,already, http://www.hubnetwork.com/shows/my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic/videos/for-whom-the-sweetie-belle-tolls-full-episode-episode-20-season-4
    uh use thy above hubnetwork link via thee a proxy?

    Verily quaint and forsooth,

    P.S: anyone else more interested in the play she directed/wrote/and starred in? no? just thou? all right then.

  • @Aponyomnominous Just a wee bit curious what Shakes-pearian type theatre Sweetie doth wroth.