We f’ed up and turned our back to one of the largest subcultures in 4chan’s history. This was not out of malice, but ignorance, and responding to general upset from the rest of the community when pony threads began to overwhelm their respective homes. Ponies haven’t had a real home outside of /b/ and /co/ until today.

So we’re trying to make this right, and give the ponies the home they’ve deserved from day one. I honestly have no idea what to do with this board and will be relying on you all to set the culture and help come up with its rules and provide suggestions for janitors. I think a lot of you are tripfriends, so hopefully one stands out that would make a good one.

I would ask that you try to centralize all pony related threads here in /mlp/, and direct fellow ponies from /b/, /co/ and others to this board.

Friendship sure is magic,


A few days ago it was reported by Plaster (article found here) that moot had hinted at a /pony/ board, namely to answer all the complaints being made by other 4channers about ponies being everywhere. Truth be known, ponies are everywhere on 4chan namely due to trolls, using it as an annoyance to tick other people off. The major complaint on /co/ was always about keeping our ponies to one thread, and truthfully, we did. I use to monitor the threads a year ago.

Its hard to say how this is going to turn out. For starters the /b/ and /co/ population has never played nice, and now have been mashed together big time. The /b/ general threads did get banned awhile ago and I know some had wandered into the MLPGs, but now we’re forced together. It might be good, but it’ll probably be more like Phillie after the Eagles win a game. Burning buildings, thousands upon thousands of enraged drunks roaming the streets, being deafening by the sound of car alarms going off in the distance.

Either way, its real.


Inb4 its a giant banhammer trap.

  • Heartmend


    No way…no WAY…if this is legit and not a ban-trap. Well. Damn. I am impressed.

    That’s actually putting it really mildly…

  • Anonymous

    /co/ never wanted this

  • Anonymous

    what a shame

  • Grez the Lizard Lord

    Well I’m probably never gonna go on it, but that’s just ’cause I never go to 4chan. Though I do wonder how long it’ll be before the people who keep posting about how it’s a horrible thing will learn to just ignore shit that doesn’t matter.
    Oh, wait, I forgot. Internet. My bad.

  • Anonymous

    Please, for the love of all things good please NO! No matter what board, what thread, what comment, what person; 4chan is the hell of the Internet and needs to be put out of its misery.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Maybe we can start going to fimchan now.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    finding it quite civil so far. Not too much outside of ‘fuck off /b///co//pchan/reddit bronies’. Funnily enough some of the /co/ bronies are managing to bitch as well as EQD’s comment section.

    Meanwhile I’m learning the supposed differences between them. Seems like superficial differences at worst, just something to argue about. Then again I guess that’s 4chan.

    Looking forward to seeing the results of this. Also, if mass ban, hilarious.
    Does seem they’re removing porn threads atm tho, understandable given that it’s a sfw board or something.

    • Anonymous

      Here’s the differences.
      /b/ bronies: Tripfags (attention whores who wear a name and a tripcode to identify them in an ANONYMOUS imageboard) who circlejerk with each other about how their day was and never actually talk about the show. (They’re also faggots)
      /co/ ponyfags: They’re the origin of all MLPFiM fandom, still remain loyal to 4chan’s code of honour, being anonymous (almost all of them), and not being limited by “normal” morals, such as making up rape stories, etc. They’re the true essence of what the movement should have kept being (it’s how it all started), instead of becoming massive as hell such as trollface or nyancat.

      Idk about ponychan, but I’ve heard it has many tripfags too.

  • King_Cheetah

    I’m dubious (to put it mildly) knowing 4chan’s history, but I’ll support it nonetheless. Like it or not, it WAS pretty much patient zero of pony fandom.

  • Duplex Fields

    It’s like Hearth’s Warming. We have found an untouched paradise, but if we bring our old squabbles in, it will be reduced to a frozen wasteland.

  • Its hard to say what will become of this. Sadly its probably going to be the death of the MLPGs, they will never be the same if they even survive this. As I speak now, I think its already 404’d off the /mlp/ board.

    It’ll be very interesting and entertaining as this board is going to turn into a major mashing of the community, cause I see many non-4channers (or ex-4channers) coming to the board, people coming back from Ponychan to check the place out, Reddit, and such. Basically what Duplex Fields said.

    My hope, Fluffy Pony Threads (though I can just read the tumblr). But still, if the MLPG dies, its a sad day.

  • Anonymous

    First of all, OH GOD THE COMMENTS ON THE EqD ARTICLE. So much stupidity running rampant, on ALL sides.

    But anyways, this is interesting. I’ve been posting in /mlp/ for the past hour or so. And it’s not pretty. But I think given time, it might turn out ok. Or everyone will get banned which would actually be hilarious.


    Sadly, the trip”friends” from /b/ are extremely dominant and seem to be invading many of the threads with their circle-jerky “Hi remember me?” “Oh yeah how have you been?” etc, etc. I even got into an argument with one who claimed the whole purpose of a pony board should be to “make friends.” Personally, I have lots of places I can hang out for fun on and offline. If I want to do fun stuff online with friends, I don’t do it on a primarily anon imageboard, cluttering up threads for all to see. Take that circle-jerk stuff off the imageboard, please (That stuff is fine if you’re private chatting or playing games or whatever. Why do you have to do it on a public imagboard?)

    This is just my opinion, but as a veteran of 4chan, it does make me a little bit sad that the last remnant of the “original” FiM culture may be lost with the creation of this board, meaning the /co/ threads. I honestly didn’t even post in them much. Hell, I visit 4chan a lot but usually refrain from all pony-related material there. But /co/, being the birthplace of the fandom, seemed to be the only place left that still kept the spirit of 4chan, of anon posting, and of not taking the show way too freaking seriously. It’s a fun hobby and a great show. But that’s about it. Not some life altering experience. Love and Tolerance? Ugh. That’s actually a terrible rule when you think about it. Unconditionally loving and tolerating people is NOT realistic.


  • Anonymous

    What a crazy thing to wake up to today. I popped in to check it out and it’s utter shit as expected. /b/ and ponychan tripfags everywhere and not a single good thread in sight. I don’t think the /co/ community will survive this.

  • Anonymous

    We won’t let MLPGs die.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    They certainly won’t die. They’ll just go under in a flood of random junk for a few days.

  • Anonymous

    To put my own cent.

    Everything doesn’t need to be taken entirely seriously, not how people want to bitch, nor people prefering anon imageboard community or tripfriending. My personal opinion is that Pchan has never been L&T, as some people claim it to been.

    Hell, I like to be /co/ occasionally, but it’s fucking annoying to read that constant whining. You really think bitching about it does help a shit? I think not!

    To all regulars in /co/: Stop being whiny crybabys, and act how you want things to be!

    • Anonymous

      I stopped following the generals in May when they all got their panties in a bunch over Ponychan. It was pretty bad.

    • Anonymous

      Ponychan rules XDDDD

  • …And I still won’t be going to 4chan.

  • Anonymous

    If you don’t like 4chan then don’t go. I’m excited for /mlp/ because I used to browse and post around on ponychan back in the day before it turned into casual tripfriends and shitty threads. Now I can say what I want without the fear of getting the ban hammer by overzealous powermad mods.And fimchan is just too damn slow.

  • Anonymous

    We never asked for this.

  • Anonymous

    Well /mlp/ is getting better. Just don’t go in the stickied suggestions thread.

  • Anonymous

    MLPG was the best place and the only sane one to discuss ponies.

    All the other shit boards have disgusting bronies and “love and tolerance XD” faggots. “This board is to make friends”, I would be outside than reading your personal made-up greentext stories.

    It will never be the same on a horrible fandom.

    • Anonymous

      Sane is the wrong word, the /co/ MLPGs were full of depravity and tripfag circlejerking.

      BUT, most of that was done with sly irony. We liked MLP while we went on about how much we hated it, we made up stories just to gross each other out, we joked about being pathetic manchildren in spite of being rather average folks offline. We made ridiculous fandom up while saying how silly it was.

      Self aware is a far better word. That’s what all the other communities lack, self awareness