4th Dimension Entertainment, publisher of high quality content such as Lackadaisy, Knite and The Phoenix Requiem are moving into plushies with MLP.

“The plush in the first and second assortments will be available for purchase at your local comic book retailer, at various tradeshows and conventions, as well as online at 4de.com. Prepare for the first of the line to go on sale in June, and to be the perfect gift for the My Little Pony fan in your life!” the press release says, linked on Equestria Daily (PDF download).

The first plushie will be Twilight Sparkle, 11″ tall and made of microfiber. Details are embroidered. Soon after will be Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie for “wave one.” Wave two is the rest of the mane 6.

The Twilight plushie currently has a product page but no preordering. The price is listed as $24.95.

  • Patches

    Oh this is going to be AMAZING.

    They look good so far!
    MUCH cheaper than the Whitedove ones and just as adorable!

  • Anonymous

    Own your own diabeetus-inducing plush today!
    Seriously though, $25 for a good looking 11-inch plush is an absolute steal.

  • Bart

    > high quality content
    > The Phoenix Requiem
    Y’mean somebody other than me knows The Phoenix Requiem?

  • Anonymous

    Sadly these specific plushies are MADE IN CHINA (got that info directly from the company – Designed in America but Made in China!). Also the microfiber material that the Chinese use to make their plushie toys is not the same quality as most of the minkee materials. Feels beautiful on the outside however on the inside…let’s put it this way…my dog easily ripped apart an adorable Snoopy Plushie and I was appalled to see that the inside of the material was a plastic nylon type backing that was cheaply made. The price may be great.

    That said, my family and I will continue to support Made in America products even if that means buying the more expensive ‘hand made’ products that are created by Americans with love, great detail and attention.

  • Anonymous

    Forgot to finish ‘the price may be great’, the quality may look like its there, but we’ll stick to American made products that put and keep Americans working. And btw, the average Chinese worker who makes one of those plushies makes on the average something like .70 cents an hour! If you haven’t seen the documentary watch the movie “Walmart: High Price/Low Cost” which interviews Chinese workers and their living conditions. You just might think twice about buying that Chinese made plushies or any other Chinese product.