by *EpicOswald88

A new year, and a new format. This is kind of a test post to make sure our RSS/Twitter/Facebook feeds are still working properly, while also letting me test run the new setup.

I’ve had a few people ask why the change in format, and the main reason was to kill our “dual” domain system. I’m sure most noticed the fact the site was actually two sites, and The .com was our main site, while the .net address brought you to Google Blogger and our news blog. This setup had a few issues, namely links and pictures which opened up in the middle frame (could be fixed by adding a little code to the html of each post, but hey, its the internet, I’m lazy), and the fact when anyone linked to an article, all you saw was the news blog, and not the entire site. I’m sure there are people out there that were probably unaware the site was more than just the blog (page counter – 578,000 / blog counter 720,000).

The blog located at will remain active for several days. At some point, that domain is going to forward to, and the blogger will be made “read-only” and unseen by the public. Unfortunately that means any links to the previous articles will become dead. Wish we could change that, but its either hand write about 800 redirects, or find someone with super script powers to generate the redirects for us.

And for you guys who hang out in DerpyChat, you should have redirects so everyone finds the room, and if you can’t then just type to get to it. You guys now have your own domain, and I’ll be working to get the main address to load up the login page for you guys.

Our art gallery kind of took a hit in the form of missing thumbnails, the system may just have to regenerate them, otherwise we probably won’t look into fixing them. I’ve been looking around to setup a different system to use as our art gallery, since I would like to restart the place (I stopped adding to it back in May). The one issue I have at the moment is there is no link back to the artists, namely because poonibooru hadn’t gotten into the habit, and I was getting the art from /co/, which tends to lack any tagging as to who was the artist.

Another change with the WP version is we’ll probably not be able to post the artists name under their picture, this was the caption function in blogger and WordPress seems to not have such a thing. If you hold your cursor on the picture, you will see the artist credit, and we will link pictures back to their dA owners.

Our media section which has grown very old and out dated is also probably going to get the chopping block. Since we are going forward with Derpy.TV, that will obviously become our media section.

That’s it for now, back to exploring wordpress.

  • Spazz

    So lazy that you can’t even capitalize the “I” in “Internet,” I see. :v

  • derpymaths

    oooh! spiffy! you guys have been working hard over the break! hehe! not me! :/

  • 8ftmetalhead

    There’ll be SOMEONE to generate the redirects I’m sure. This is the internet, and these are bronies we’re talking about here.

  • plaster

    there are some things i don’t like, most notably the whole pressing a button and having DHS load up in the middle. Yeah the whole blog disconnect from the main page was a little annoying but tbh blogger looks better than wordpress. I’ll mess around in the backend a little more to see if i can’t tweak it. I suppose I should find a way to move every thing over to wordpress on my end too, huh?

  • Woah! I’m liking the new page so far! I do miss the adorable, wandering Derpy, but having the pages open correctly is much nicer!

  • Urgh, wordpress, well whatever, your choice.

    I could have a look into a redirects thing. Although I know nothing of how Blogger arranges the article pages (ie DB layout, if it uses one that is) if you feel like it just drop me a line, I’ll see if I can figure something out.

    It’s nice not having that nasty iframe though, those things are a real pain.

  • Mason

    I’m liking wordpress a lot more. Love being able to subscribe to categories.