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The following was posted by Mrs. Thiessen on her toy blog, Cutesypoo Toys. It was pointed out by Ponyleaks that she had made tweets about this back in October (see the episode guide).

It is my FAV episode of the season!!
There is a ultra cute song that i have had in my head forever!
( i didn’t storyboard this one..but i wish i had! )
However around the 7:35 mark you will see a spot where Pinkie Pie goes inside her head into her thoughts. Originally it was just written to be animated like the rest of the show.
Jay suggested it be different for fun, we talked about doing it in paper , but we ended with felt.
I have lots of experience with felt from my toys and cut out all the pieces. That took like a week,
because i only could work on it after i put the kid to bed. Then when it was all done, Jay built a makeshift table using our kitchen chairs and my Canon Camera.

I just have to say here that we are not professionals at this stuff, but we have had a chance to do stop motion in the past on my bunny short for Chuck Gammage. ( If you click the “chuck gammage animation inc home button over and over you will see an image of the bunny in her garden, it’s also on their demo reel.)

Originally it was just suppose to be still frames , but when i came down to check in, Jay was animating it! Of course it worked out great but we were not even sure it would get approved..but they loved and it was worth the risk!

As for other things..i have been BUSY! I have tons of pics to upload but first i have to finish sewing up a bunch of toys for a upcoming convention that Shmancy is in.
More info to come!

[ Source: Cutesypoo Toys / Mrs. Thiessen ]

  • Twaiuraito

    This might have been my favorite part of this episode and indeed maybe my favorite portion of the entire series. It shows that the folks making the show really care about what they’re putting in and are willing to break the mold to deliver high quality. This is one of the many things that makes FiM special.