Vinyl Scratch by Doc Wario

Have a collab project between two major MLP names coming up after the break!

This was uploaded about three hours ago by well known MLP fan music makers AcousticBrony and MandoPony. They’ve been working on this collab for quite a while, and it is an entirely original song, with lyrics not talking exclusively about MLP, but instead talking about the way the world views MLP fans, and the messages the show tries to teach in general. It’s a good piece of music, as AcousticBrony’s name suggests, you won’t find anything electronic or techno about this song, and MandoPony’s voice is easy to listen to as always. Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

  • ~Pegasister~

    The song is amazing! :D <3

  • Andrew Sedlak

    This song helps me sleep at night, so thank you for making such beauty