Sleepy Doos by ~GammaEradon

This will be deleted when I get up, but because I still see people asking (and its been awhile since we had a hiatus week). No new episode this week.

Next Week: Putting Your Hoof Down

Also remember the show will now be on at 1pm ET (+3 from its current time) next week.

If you’re up and have the Hub, we have The Cutie Pox followed by The Cutie Mark Chronicles @ 10am ET.

  • plaster

    that spork…
    does anyone even know what the story behind that is anymore?

  • Mika

    Awww, Derpy. Such a nice sibling.
    And DARN. I wish I could watch them, I haven’t seen them yet…

  • Grez the Lizard Lord

    Ha, I haven’t seen anything with Cloydes for a long time! Poor girl…