I follow a few people who work on the show on DeviantArt, this journal entry popped up from Kreoss. One of the animators of the show.

I don’t think any other fanbase has this much connection to the people who work on it.
I’ll copy and paste the text behind the break

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“By now you have already seen Episode 1 of season 2 of MLP. I sure hope you guys liked it so far cause there are still many more episodes on the way ^^

I know its been awhile since I last updated. Work in the office has kept me away from things like family, friends, girlfriend, videgames etc. Fortunately things are sorta slowing down so I might be able to update alot more . Its very hard to keep up a deadline in the animation business. The pressure… The stress… Ugh! However I might be transferred to a different show. I sure hope not. I love My Little Pony! Its not only a great show to watch buts a great show to animate as well.

But its all good. You guys have NO IDEA how much affect you guys have on the show and to us, the animators. We really thank you for all your appreciation and support. To tell you the truth, we don’t always get to work on a show that garners such a HUGE fanbase. Its always fun to work on a show that you are a fan of especially when you’re working with fellow bronies as well. Its such a privilege to be part of something big. I can’t thank Lauren Faust enough for making us a part of this show.

Hope you guys like the new image I’ve made. Those are the models I’m planning to use for my game. Hopefully I’ll get a demo up soon. Maybe within the next week unless of course Gears of War 3 will preoccupy my time.

Thanks everyone for faving my pics. I’m also loving all the fanwork. It’s nice to see Twilight is still wearing a sweater vest and Fluttershy is wearing a sweater hahahaha!

Cya around everyone. Cheers!”

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    Oh Lord he's reading "Cupcakes."