+20% cool if you read the title and thought “hang on that got deleted”
I’ve always been a community pack rat, so as a celebratory gesture for one year of ponies, I dug up a relatively early PMV that was made and then deleted by Bandpuffs, and remastered it in HD. It wasn’t quite Pony Video of the Year (we all know that goes to PonyCraft 2, currently topping the charts as the only pony video with 1million+ views), but memorable for me, as it’s the earliest one I remember seeing.

Luckily for me, the creative process was really simple: replace the audio from the Winter Wrap Up musical number with a lewd song, and let the magic run its course.
I’m sure Bandpuffs will either be ecstatic that someone remembered this gem, or just as peeved that I pulled the idea out of it’s grave.
Either way, thanks for the inspiration and my apologies, bro—

Relive this experience while you can, I’ll probably be asked to take it down. :shrug:

  • Anonymous

    Whooh, you're making me nostalgic.