Hey kids, remember that cool channel that use to show fun animated shows and not a crap sandwich they spent all their money on and had to kill off a ton of indie projects? Well it seems they did a bump on the whole Derpy Drama, negative of course. Should be noted that they let random people make these, so it might have been a fan submission they found funny, but god knows (and who cares). Remember to tune in tonight for the same five episodes of King of the Hill and Family Guy on [AS]. (And if you actually get mad at this bump, you might need therapy).

  • Anonymous

    Does this really need a post? It’s about as substantial as a messageboard comment.

    • Actually true, not like its a year ago when no one knew about the fandom. Eh, slow days are slow, I found it interesting enough.

  • Derpestia

    EQD is pretty butthurt in there comments but there are a few people over there not like getting all pissy.

    Mostly people either claiming “I got laid this morin bro!” or just saying AS is shit, which is pretty much true Mary shelly’s Frankenstein is the only show i watch now on em.

    • Ninja Knighthawk

      I think you should take a closer look. Because it seems most of them are shrugging off the joke as unfunny and unoriginal not really “butthurt”

      • Mason

        “Because it seems most of them are shrugging off the joke as unfunny and unoriginal not really “butthurt””

        When they say those reasons because its relating to derpy or bronies, then that isn’t simply “shrugging it off” now is it?

    • Supertide

      >“I got laid this morin bro!”

      Cool story bro.

    • Fadflamer

      I miss Moral Orel. There’s been some decent originals, but I’ve lost most of my interest in tv in general anymore. Also, getting laid is over-rated.

  • Sarah J

    I thought it was kind of funny, but I’d like it better if it didn’t have a bitter, almost hateful tone with it. What, are they jealous that their target demographic is watching a show made for 8-year old girls instead of the junk they’ve been churning out lately?

  • Anonymous

    Adult Swim is still a thing?

  • Anonymous

    I… actually found this kind of funny. They aren’t attacking the fandom – they’re basically just summing up the entire Derpy fiasco in terms everyone (aka, stupid people) can understand, but they’re pretty much right. I mean, I haven’t seen so much butthurt in a fandom in years (regarding Derpy in general, not this bump), and whether or not people were justified, there were very loud, obnoxious people on ALL sides of the Derpy issue…

    • Supertide

      For me it was only partially about Derpy, the fact that a vocal minority achieved its goal just by whining what pissed me off the most. It’s like giving a spoiled brat exactly what he wants and that’s never a good idea.

      • derpymaths

        in this fandom, the ppl in charge are the ones who can yell the loudest

  • Anonymous

    I realize they’ve taken it out of context, but a large majority of the fandom did, in fact, complain that Derpy was “changed to seem less mentally challenged.” We just have to accept that, to anyone outside the fandom, our position is gonna be a hard one to defend.

  • Eh, not like [AS] has a good track record. About a year ago they made a comment, I think a list of scary things and we we’re just above furries.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, we were still beneath Furries in AS’s list of “creepy weird things that scare us.” Bronies were between Furries and the word ‘moist’

  • Elissa

    Most people stopped watching AS years ago; the bumps used to be somewhat funny and/or original. I think they’re a tad jealous of the whole pony phenomenon, at least MLP is relevant.

  • Supertide

    Please don’t get upset over this, AS bumps aren’t supposed to be nice and supportive, they are always mocking something.

  • Fadflamer

    Palmetto Cheese. Good times.

  • TheLoneLampman

    I would have gotten more upset about it if I didn’t immediately realize that it was the first time in over a month that I even turned to that channel– and I used to watch [AS] non-stop for years before ponies. Sorry, but they’ve gone to mostly garbage and re-runs or re-runs of garbage.
    Ponies FTW.

  • magruber

    show got me laid…just sayin. not all mlp fans are male

  • Gage Scratch

    AS is becoming more and more a fossil. The only good shows are on late Saturday, and all but one is reruns for now. For them, making this hit on Derpy/Ditzy is a desperate attempt for ratings. What’s next? A MLP Robot Chicken spoof?

    • Actually a Robot Chicken spoof is a real possibility, Seth Green has been confirmed to be a fan of the show.

      And I’ll note confirmed via a few twitter messages. There’s that picture of him with the giant Pinkie at Hasbro HQ, but that was taken kind of before the show had started to air, he was at Hasbro in an attempt to secure the rights to make “My Little Apocalypse Pony” toys, which I’m guessing Hasbro said no, gtfo.

  • Anonymous

    I thought we were upset that they got rid of her name.

    Not that they changed her voice.

  • Less mentally challenged. Because less is better right?

  • mechcl

    Well,IT has been awhile since I have watched that channel.
    I was watching Bleach, but the went filler arch on me