Its Adventure Ponies.

We never really covered this but since its now available to everyone, its a good enough time to start. At the end of the season we caught the new Hub ID commercial which had the theme of 8-Bit, featuring a girl playing an 8-bit pony video game, while in real life there was several Hub characters also in 8-bit form (namely Optimus Prime and Pinkie Pie). Then come the San Diego Comic Con when the game was released as an exclusive, you could go down to The Hub’s booth at the con and get a password which allowed you to play the game. As of yesterday of course now everyone can play.

Review: Now obviously I’m not going to put my neckbeard on and analyze the hell of the game, its a simple 8-bit game that actually proved to be entertaining for at least an hour this afternoon for myself. It is your standard platformer style game as you navigate a level and avoid a few hazards. No enemies, but there are bosses. Within the levels you dodge spikes and pit traps, while trying to find your way to the end (marked by your cutie mark symbol). Within the level you collect apples, hearts (health) and an extra life hidden somewhere. You start off as Twilight Sparkle, and each time you beat the game, you unlock another pony.

The level designs are nicely designed for being so simple, they’ve included little things like a different path to move through when you are a pegasus. There are walls you must break down using each pony’s special (simple) move. Twilight and Rarity fire magic beams, Pinkie Pie has her party cannon, Applejack has her legs, Rainbow Dash has a speed move and Fluttershy has her “stare” that looks more like a headbutt (I approve).

Navigate varies between the species of pony. Twilight & Rarity are able to use teleporting platforms, Rainbow Dash & Fluttershy can of course fly, and Pinkie and Applejack get stuck using ladders.

At the end of each level is a boss level, (spoiler) you get to fight a dragon (small one), the hydra, the Diamond Dogs, Gilda, Iron Will and Discord. Gilda and Iron Will are a strange pick, but when you boil it down there hasn’t been too many true enemies that didn’t get destroyed or removed from Equestria (Nightmare Moon, Chrystalis). But simple game is simple.

Entertaining, as said it kept me busy for an hour while drinking my coffee.

HubWorld’s Adventure Ponies

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    super game