Crystal Motion AJ packaging

Taobao is pretty great; we have two new finds today. First is the “action figure” Applejack. The line of toys is called Crystal Motion; the packaging allows you to try out the action. AJ also comes with a translucent purple puppy pet.

Pony Power Walmart blind bag set

This set is a Walmart exclusive and includes 12 ponies. It’s labeled “Pony Power,” so this might be a new product line? Walmart hasn’t had one yet this generation, so we’ll have to wait and see.

  • Citrus Rain

    That “Pony Power” thing makes me think of the PPG.

    • Gebirges

      î this

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  • Supertide

    It’s nice to see some articulation but AJ is still missing her hat, she has weird stuff on her foreleg and her cutie mark is all wrong. I guess it’s a button and if you push it she walks or something.

    The pony power thing is just another rerelease of the blindbag toys.