Entertainment Weekly posted about the season 3 finale in which, you guessed it, Twilight becomes a princess and an alicorn.

They also talk about on page 2 a new toy she’s going to have, costing $49.99. It includes movement, lights, and voice.

The article also discusses the playset we saw before. It’s supposed to be the Crystal Palace of the Crystal Empire, and as you can see it’ll connect to the wedding playset. It’s also going to be the only set to include the playful-pony size Twilight Princess. Price will be $24.99.

Twilight is also going to get a car! It comes with all shown here, including Cadance-mold Twilight and Spike in a new mold. This set is $22.99.

There’ll also be “princess packs” like we’ve seen with Luna and Celestia. This time it’ll come with Twilight or Cadance in the Cadance mold, a mane 6 pony, a comb, and some accessories. These will be $12.99.

These will most likely crop out during the Toy Fair. If you want to hear some nice PR about the toys, check out the Enteratainment Weekly article!

[Source: EW]

  • Anonymous

    it begins

  • Applepie

    And here we go!

  • Twilight_Amaterasu

    I will never know peace from this rustling. Ever.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the spoilers on the front page.

  • ManeFlame

    … I just noticed that Spike toy is bipedal.

  • My friend is on the Entertainment Weekly staff, and she told me about Alicorn Twilight a long time ago. She also told me (SPOILER ALERT!) that the Cutie Mark Crusaders get their Cutie Marks!

    • Shall I screencap this comment in case it comes true?

    • Anonymous

      Ly they will – the episode involves ponies’ cutie marks and destinies being switched. My theory is that they will get cutie marks, but when things go back to normal they’ll be blank flanks again.

      (It would be a riot if they got their sister’s cutie marks (or Scoots getting RD’s in this case), and AJ, RD, and Rarity become blank flanks. XD)

  • MorphineDream

    I couldn’t get past the first dozen comments on the article. Calls to fire McCarthy? Dave Polsky is some super racist? The long debunked idea that Feeling Pinkie Keen was a religious story? Debunked by Faust herself, no less.

    Bronies, and I mean the hardcore ones, are the single worst fandom EVER. A pack of whining, entitled, obsessive compulsive, emotionally unstable cretins who succumb to group think like flies take to excrement. None of these broken idiots can even rationally explain why this plot development is such a horror to put the Darfur genocides to shame, or they give some half arsed reason that demonstrates how hopelessly lost in their own crummy head canon they are.

    “Oh noes! Becoming a princess means she needs to leave her friends?” Really? Is that some physical law in an unpublished Equestra Technical Manual somewhere? How about you low wattage bulbs shove those imaginary inevitabilities back in your butts?

    And to the ones “threatening” (proTip: people need to give a gant’s fart about something for it to be a threat) to leave the fandom, GOOD EFFING RIDDANCE! Good bye. Don’t come back.

  • Samukari

    That does seem like a really stupid idea for a toy, but I really don’t that they’d actually put it into the show.

  • magruber

    still dont see the problem with this.

  • Stabby

    I kind of hate everything about this idea.

    I reaaaally do.

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  • Anon

    FML mlp will nevar bee za same.

  • Anonymous

    Twilight with wings. Thats it. Shows not gonna change dramatically people.

  • Anonymous

    My only response: WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????!!!!!!!!????!?!?!?!?!???!!!!!!!!!!!???????????!??????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!?!?!???????????????!?!????????!!??!?!!!!!!!!!!??!!!!!?!?!?!!!!???!!?!??!??!??!!!?!?!??!?!?!?!?

  • Anonymous

    They won’t get rid of the other ponies. That would be fewer pony toys to sell if they did

  • Anonymous

    Everyone has rustled jimmies now, haha. I drew her as an Alicorn once s:

  • Anonymous

    Guys look in the car picture, next to Rarity… SPIKE IS FINALY STANDING!

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