What happens when a horse doesn’t get her muffins? Gratuitous amounts of property Damage!
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Hello Everyone! We’re VERY sorry for the long hiatus. Sadly, a lot of life stuff, school, and family events, etc have gotten in our way. However, we are pleased to present the final installment of the Epic Pony Time series, Epic Rage Time, featuring Mrs. Grey DeLisle!

Mrs. DeLisle (Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Frankie from Foster Home) informed us last year that she really wanted to voice Derpy, because she loved the character. So we wrote her a crazy script to match the crazy characters she’s voiced in the past.

(We know Derpy is not this crazy, but we did this because we felt it would work well with Grey’s character background).

Thank you guys so much for supporting us over the past two years!
We hope you enjoy this video and again, sorry for the delay!!

Our Twitter —- https://twitter.com/AlligatorTub
Grey’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/GreyDeLisle

Animation by:
Mystery Ben — http://www.youtube.com/user/MysteryBen27 —http://mysterybensmysteryblog.tumblr….
OblivionFall —- http://www.youtube.com/user/OblivionFall

Matt Wolbach

Written by:
Robert Knorr
Jessi Nowack

Voice Cast:
Derpy:——– Grey Delisle
P. Celestia:- MemJ
T.Sparkle:—–Amanda Kay
Mr. Cake:—- Gabe Brown
Lyra/Vinyl: — Jessi Nowack
Guard:——— Nick Huber
BG Ponies: – Grey Delisle, MemJ, Emily Jones

Special thanks to:

Grey DeLisle is also the voice of supporting characters on Dan Vs. #FYI

Watch after the jump or on DTV.

  • Anonymous

    ……. the hate against Twilight since the end of the S4 has very degenerated…. now litterally bronies made animations where she’s killed… what a shame…

    • Anonymous

      You’ve obviously watched a different video in this case.

      • Anonymous

        They throw an house on her…. if this is not to kill her…

        • Anonymous

          Because Twilight clearly died when an anvil, a cart, and a piano all dropped on her head in the actual show, right? Right?

          • Anonymous

            I remember that scene in FPK, but she’s died in that scene? NO, she’s died in this scene? YES. That’s because I hate this animation.