All Levels At Once Album: “The Pony Way”

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If you don’t already know who All Levels at Once is, he’s a brony musician known for electropop covers of Pony songs. After about a year of being on the scene, today he released the first ALAO Pony album, “The Pony Way,” with 12 tracks, some new, some old. If electronica is your bag, check out this album by a very talented artist! Download here.

And here is the promised album.

First of all, this is NOT a big release. The songs here are not new, but there are still a few reasons I want to release them like this. Collecting all the best pony songs I’ve done so far brings a sense of closure. After two seasons, this is where I’m at and this is what MLP has meant to me. And for all those people who ask for WAV downloads, this is your chance!

Also just having most of my pony music neatly tucked into one album instead of strewn all over your phone/mp3 player/itunes in seperate singles is convenient.

About half the tracks were touched up – anything from fixing a small mixing error to rerecording and remastering the entire thing. Becoming Popular was one to get a full remaster. I can’t believe no one pointed out to me that I literally had the wrong opening lyrics in my cover. The very first words were wrong – and in 8 months, no one even commented or anything. Also PSPP got a nice remastering.

Second of all, I really need to thank every single person that has ever listened to my music. I read every single comment and message and I can’t even express how much all the love means to me. Thank you all so much!

Oh right, and there’s one new cover on the album that won’t be going on YouTube. It’s a bit of a reference to the comments I get saying I sound like GLaDOS. Enjoy!



01 – Intro [0:31]
02 – Go Take Flight [3:54]
03 – Becoming Popular [2:25]
04 – Winter Wrap Up [3:09]
05 – Fluttershy’s Lament [3:56]
06 – Celestia’s Faithful [3:51]
07 – Smile! [4:03]
08 – Pony Should Pony Pony [4:20]
09 – The Perfect Stallion [3:04]
10 – B.B.B.F.F. (The Pony Way) [5:18]
11 – Changeling [3:30]
12 – This Day Aria [2:10]


It’s important to me that pony music remains free to download. This album is no different, except this time I’m strictly making it free instead of name-your-price. The instrumental promo tracks are still up for donation-only purposes, but the album itself is free.

I have a non-pony album in the works, full of similar material. Some of it is shaping to be the best, the happiest, and danciest things I’ve ever written, and it’s taking all of my self-control not to release some of the best ones right now. I can’t even give an estimated date of release, but I’ll need to take a break from pony music for a while to really work on that. I’ll be back for season 3.




EDIT: Holy crap, those downloads ran out fast. Looks like everyone needs to use this link instead. Don’t worry, it’s the identical album: (my bandcamp downloads don’t reset until 7/13)




Thanks so much to MR-1 for doing the super adorbs album art!
“Beep beep, I’m an owl”

And super thanks to MyLittleVisuals for doing the supercute video, especially on such short notice!

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