Aloe and Lotus – A History

Aloe and Lotus By DonEnaya

Here is something I want to try out, I have an unhealthy knowledge of these background ponies and think this would be a neat semi-regular feature. (Like all the other ones you haven’t seen past the first one)

In Episode 9 “Bridle Gossip” we got to see the Spa for the first time when they used it to take the bath with the healing herbs for Poison Joke. This then introduced a blue pony with a pink mane with a white headband. Sporting an accent most have identified as “Eastern European” or “Scandinavian” in similarity.

The appearance of this pony immediately sparked a reaction from the crowd on /co/. Background ponies with speaking parts were still quite rare at this time, her popularity took off quite quickly. Including speculation on a twin, playing off of the popularity of the idea for twins from the Nordic region. (doublemint gum, anyone?)

In episode 20 “Green Isn’t Your Color”, long after episode 14 “Feeling Pinkie Keen”, where the show’s staff had acknowledged the fanbase with making Derpy a full on shoutout to the Bronydom, Rarity and Fluttershy meet up at the same spa they used in episode 9. Along with the reappearance of Lotus, there then appeared a color swapped twin. Thus Aloe was born.

The names are mostly fanon due to their cutie marks. There hasn’t been any official confirmation from the staff that this was indeed not just a coincidence. But it’s hard to ignore.

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