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Twilight and Smarty
by ~WillDrawForFood1

I’ve always had a thing for charity, I won’t say that I’m a true believer in karma but it feels good going the right thing, especially if you’re not one to always do good in the general world. An act of good voids an act of bad. Tara Strong is well known in the community to use her position of power to help out several charitable organizations. KiKi’s Fund is the better known of these, a fund to aid Kiki and her family as this poor girl fights off cancer. is operated by the Talbert Family Foundation which generates funds to help families pay specific rehabilitations and therapies for Grayson who is fighting a brain tumor. Its unfortunate in this modern day and age of medicine that not everything is available to the general public, and more so just not covered by insurance companies. I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with this kind of stuff in a work related accident that required some physical therapy. We want you to get better, but no, don’t touch that exercise machine, your insurance doesn’t pay for it.

Tara Strong has been holding a raffle for Grayson’s fund, a set of custom Mane 6 pillows that can be seen here. Tickets are $5.00 and assuming without seeing any instructions on her tweets, the money can be sent to’s donation box, and then proof to Tara along with your name and pillow. I will note these tweets are from 8/21, so the raffle may have happened, BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t still just donate $5 dollars.

[ Source: Kingharald ]

Also for Kiki’s Fund, Tara currently has a canvas painting of Twilight done by a friend, currently up for auction. Even comes with a CoA.

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