Currently available over on there are four MLP plushies up for sale. It was first thought this may be a new official line, as there has been a rumor of such a thing in the works and not the plushies we’ve been seeing show up in the stores. But I’ll note on further investigation I would say these are custom handmade plushies, as outside of the Rainbow Dash and Crackle the Dragon plushies, the Spike plush and Dr. Whooves plush both have “custom” or “handmade” written on them, so for the moment I’d flag this as non-official custom merchandise.

The odd thing about these though is there are multiple plushies available, rather than just one. At this time there are only 4 Rainbow Dash plushies, 8 Crackle the Dragons, 8 Spikes and an unknown amount of Dr. Whooves.

Rainbow Dash Plush £22.99

Crackle the Dragon £19.99

Dr. Whooves £19.99

Spike £19.99

We’ve seen Crackle before, I believe someone gave one to Jenny Nicholson (of Friendship is Witchcraft) at EFNW that ended up in most pictures that she took.