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The following is a conversation via e-mail between the Save Derpy Tumblr that was recently established and Amy Keating Rogers, writer of The Last Roundup (and many other great episodes). It never occured to me that I should have written her, as we spoke several months ago about the Season 3 leaks and the changes to the staff at Studio B. But Daniel who runs the Save Derpy Tumblr spoke with her on the whole situation, and it sheds some light at least into the creative aspect of the scene (namely that it was much longer) and other details, including some about the choice behind the changes to the episode.

Letter after the break.

Whew, this controversy has been overwhelming and exhausting!

I actually had no idea that fans were really upset about the “Derpy Change” until your email. And I didn’t actually know about the change until I got an email last week from a fan telling me about it!

Let me try and put some rumors at rest and calm the fans. And to do that, let’s go back to the beginning.

When I first wrote this episode, the character under such harsh scrutiny was named Ditzy Doo. We had already established in previous episodes that she was clumsy (she is not the pony you want on your moving crew). And we named her Ditzy Doo thinking of her as a being a bit dingy.

The scene I wrote was originally longer and had a flashback explaining exactly what Ditzy Doo had done to damage Town Hall. She and Rainbow Dash were “Bucking Bolts” out of the clouds during a storm. Ditzy Doo was bucking too close to Ponyville central. Rainbow kept trying to yell over the noisy bucking for Ditzy to move away from town. But Ditzy could not hear her and thought that Rainbow was complimenting her for her great buck bolting. Ditzy then hit Town Hall with a bolt. And, thus, the damage.

For the second draft, I was asked to change Ditzy’s name to Derpy as a “tip of the hat” to the fans. So, not knowing that Derpy meant anything beyond klutzy and clumsy, I did as requested And then I was finished with this episode.

I had nothing to do with the original voice casting. In my mind, she was ditzy, as her original name implied. But that’s not anything I was ever involved with MLP. The scene was made shorter because the script was too long and because the story wasn’t about Ditzy/Derpy. It was about Applejack.

When this episode first aired, I did not see it until after I started getting emails either thanking me or berating me for Derpy’s portrayal. The angry emails really freaked me out because I knew that I had not written a scene that could possibly be interpreted as being insensitive to people with disabilities.

So, when I got home, I watched the episode. I saw that the scene was shorter, which did not surprise me. That happens all the time. I listened to her voice and it was deeper than I expected. However, I was not offended by any part of the scene in any way.

But I got about 10 emails saying how offended folks were. People labeled me an “ableist” (a word I’d never heard of) and said that I was being insensitive to the disabled by calling this character “derpy.” I then did a search on what derpy meant and the first things that came up were “embarrassing” and “awkward” which is what I thought. But then when I did more in-depth searches, I discovered that one definition is “retarded.”

Now, you have to realize that reading that made my heart sink. My son Soren (of Soarin’ fame) is severely disabled. We do not use the word “retarded” in our house because it really has become an offensive slur. And while I knew that it was only a minority of people that defined “derpy” this way, it still upset me that I was the writer that put that name out there. It was painfully ironic and goes against the fact that I’m an advocate for the disabled.

I also want to note here that while I got 10 negative emails, I also got about 200 positive ones! I knew that the majority of fans were not offended. I got emails from fans with siblings with disabilities and parents of kids with disabilities and fans who had disabilities themselves and none of them were offended. At first, I tried to answer all these emails, but then I just became too overwhelmed. Still, I want to thank you all for your support!

But I was not the only one getting contacted regarding Derpy’s portrayal. Positive and negative feedback was also being sent to Hasbro and the Hub. Someone at the Hub who knows about my personal connection with disabilities contacted me asking my opinion. We talked about various options of what to do.

1. Do nothing.
2. Cut Rainbow saying “Derpy” but keep Derpy’s voice.
3. Cut Rainbow saying “Derpy” and change Derpy’s voice.
4. Find a creative way to change Derpy’s name in a future episode

And I was honestly torn about which action should be taken. I went back and forth and back again. It was a no win situation. Fans were going to be offended no matter what. And while I was not personally offended by the scene, I tried to put myself in the shoes of someone that was. I know that if I was offended by something that I thought was disparaging against the disabled, I would want my voice heard. But then I also knew that an insensitive portrayal of someone with disabilities was never our intention, so why change it?
When that call ended, no decision was made. And it was not my decision to make. I am just a freelance writer here, not a network executive. That decision was up to Hasbro and the Hub. I am sure they weighed what was best for the MLP brand, the show, the network, and they may have even weighed in my personal situation. Maybe they wanted to spare me from getting anymore more hate mail and people calling me offensive names. It may have been only 10 emails, but each one made me feel absolutely horrible If the effect on me was part of their motivation for the change, I think that’s really amazing, incredibly sensitive, and very commendable.

In the end, Derpy’s voice was re-voiced to be more ditzy. And while, again, I had nothing to do with the casting, this is closer to the voice that was in my head. And as for cutting her name, if it truly can be defined as “retarded,” then I am personally glad that name is gone. I wouldn’t want my writing to perpetuate children–our target audience–to call other children “derpy” with that meaning behind it.

So, I know the fans are upset. But please don’t be upset at Hasbro or the Hub or DHX Media or the “Anti-Derpy” fans or me. Let’s remember what the message of MLP:FiM is–tolerance, kindness, understanding, and, most importantly, friendship.

All my best,



[03/02/2012] : Comment Section is now closed. There is a central page for DerpyGate located here.

  • filledwithsolutions

    200 vs 10

    Better not hurt a single feeling, regardless of what the rest of the world thinks

    • Anonymous

      Actually, your example would be about 7,000,000,000 to 1, which is a significantly smaller proportion than 200 to 10.

      Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

      • filledwithsolutions

        I suppose this should be treated seriously. The literal facts of situation are bad enough without involving hyperbole.

        That being said, its seems hasbro’s equation is more like:
        1 hurt feeling email > 20 emailed feelings of approval

  • filledwithsolutions

    I hate to double post but It looks like is available.

    • Yeah no, someone else can get in on that. Derpy Hooves is the name given to her by her loving fans. I personally have no problem if they want to officially call her Ditzy.

  • This in no way addresses the fact that they altered her appearance as well. Changing the character to be less offensive is understandable. Changing her appearance when even they admit above, represents the disabled, makes the statement that people with disabilities are offensive – whether that was their intent or not.

    And I believe they never intended for it to say that – but it just does. To be perfectly honest this seems more slanted as corporate damage control when they have no intent of relenting than a sincere effort to address what’s actually happened.

    • I would have to disagree on the whole corporate damage control thing, if you mean that she wrote this letter as part of Hasbro trying to do damage control. Ms. Rogers is no longer an employee of Hasbro, as she said she is a freelance writer, but her contract for Season 2 is done and gone, and she is not returning for Season 3. She would have been contacted about this by The Hub and DHX, namely because it is her creative content, and its just a polite move on The Hub’s behalf to contact her about this whole thing.

      • I did not know that. It’s a lovely letter and it’s very nice of her to be so open about it. But she may not be aware that they also changed Derpy’s appearance.

  • Sparks

    I still don’t think it was right to change her. And I can’t begin to express my frustration at those 10 people (regardless of whether they were trolls or not).
    The worst thing, to me, about all this, is that it sets a precedent. Hasbro/The Hub/whoever has the last say, they obviously care more about playing it safe from lawsuits than making an informed decision. I’m glad SOMEONE finally let us know what was going on, but…damn.
    Oh well. Doesn’t mean I have to stop calling her by her name. To paraphrase Zoidberg: “The name is Derpy. DERPY F******G HOOVES!”

    • The decision to change Derpy definitely isn’t coming from just 10 e-mails written to AKR. No one knows anything but it usually takes a large group of people to cause something like this, namely an interest group.

      • Sparks

        That’s what I assumed at first. But it’s hard for me to believe that an organized group would have done this without being public about it (although it is possible).
        And it still doesn’t change the fact that (it appears) no attempt was made to tell these people that derpy doesn’t mean what they think it means.
        And THANK YOU for not changing the name of the site. I know it’s a small thing and shouldn’t really bother anyone, but personally, I’m glad you didn’t.

  • Ok, first of all, that extended scene would have been crazy awesome.

    But this is very interesting. It sounds like the most controversial part was actually the name “Derpy.” That’s really too bad. If they would have left it as Ditzy, then they never could have come up with the “retarded” connotation. I’m willing to bet that when Hasbro/the Hub/ the Lawyers had their meetings, their (misguided) understanding that the word “Derpy” was synonymous with “retarded” was probably the biggest reason they changed it at all.

    But yeah. This pretty much confirms what most people thought that the whole thing was the result of a culmination of many unfortunate events, resulting in a lose-lose for everyone.

    So while I’m not happy with what they did at least I understand the reasoning — EXCEPT the eyes. Why did they change the eyes?

    • I’m with Infinity Dash on this one – I’m fine with a different name and voice -but when you alter her appearance – when you go that far you make the statement – intentional or not – that people with disabilities are offensive.

      That’s intolerable – it’s how a society justifies euthanasia or genocide.

  • Anonymous

    If nothing else, this puts to rest the age-old argument about whether her name is really Derpy or Ditzy.

    Actually, on second thought, it doesn’t. It in fact makes it even less clear, since her name was officially made Derpy, but then un-canon’d. And obviously Ditzy IS Derpy.

    It would be incredibly fantastic if Derpy still gets another speaking roll in the future. Though it’s probably not gonna happen, it would give us more than just one frustrating episode to go off of.

  • Anonymous

    Hasbro = cowards.

  • We can’t let our desire for justice for this character to fade. I swear it reminds me of when Aang from Avatar the last Airbender was engaging the Fire Lord in the last episodes – the red of his evil spirit was just about to snuff the blue of good completely out of existence.

    We seem to be on that precipice – Hasbro and even the Brony community at large just wants us to shut up about this. We can’t let the blue light be extinguished – this sweet soul of a character that sits in our hearts deserves our effort.

    People with disabilities are beautiful citizens! How do you promote diversity when you crush the only representative of that community that you have?

    Actually that reminds me of the Joo Dee plot where she brainwashed – it’s as if they’ve taken Derpy to Lake Lao Gai.

    • MrBoltitude

      Gee, I wonder what show you like?

  • I think it’s time for the characters to have their say to give this some depth for us to squirm around in. I’m basing their responses off their personalities and the probabilities.

    Derpy, Rainbow Dash and Applejack seem like the ponies who should talk about this, so…

    Derpy: “I for one are glad they had the name Derpy…Ditzy is kind of blah. Flat, I guess. This change anger me. I need a muffin. *crys*”

    Rainbow Dash: “You know, changing the name is okay, ponyally. I don’t really have an opinion, but give the fans what they want for ONCE and stop this annoying maze of questions. And hate, questions and hate. It just really annoys me. I went with the line change because I thought it was okay but apparently it WASN’T. I didn’t even notice they fixed her eyes until I rewatched it. If the fans like the eyes, keep it, who cares. I think it looks stupid.”

    Applejack: “Y’all…you’re being more stubborn then a lame pony who refuses to move. Just let the change go, I say. Well sure the eyes need to be fixed, but Ditzy is less likely to be offensive. The name Derpy has a negative meaning to it. To be safe, I would leave the change and use Ditzy instead of Derpy. Y’all saw that Amy Rogers wasn’t offended by it, and she has disabled children of her own. I’ll admit I’m mighty annoyed at the people who…well, even the people who let this air, I mean come on, search on the Internet from time to time! But really, the thing I would do if I were Hasbro is to change the name, keep the eyes and personality.”

  • I love this lady so much! Thanks for posting her letter. I think this is exactly the kind of context and reasonable information we’ve all been wishing for since this whole situation began.

  • FNB

    So, a blonde named “Ditzy” is less offensive than “Derpy”?

    Let’s find some blonde feminists to protest if Derpy ever becomes “Ditzy”

    • Kahluah

      I’m blond and female. ( i usually dont mind dumb blond jokes) I’m sure that if she is changed to a blond named Ditzy i can help in the letters saying that both are equally offensive thing. :)

  • Anonymous

    What bothers me is that changing her sends a horrible message to those with disabilities who positively related to her, “You shouldn’t exist and since you, unfortunately, do, you must be treated like glass.”

  • WVBrony

    The FCC episode of Family Guy sums this situation up where the FCC Guy said in their meeting that “We got 20 calls about this incident, and as we all know one call equals a billion people. This means that 20 billion people were offended.”

  • Chance

    First time commenter’s two cents:

    I actually think that Derpy’s new voice is cute, especially when you take into account that Tabitha St. Germain had thought Derpy was male when voicing her. I understand that some people take the word “derp” to mean retarded, but it’s so rare that I hear it used that way that it seems unnecessary to change the character’s name for that purpose. My maid problem with the change to Derpy was her eyes.Tey still derp at points, at least.

    I take more of an issue with altering Rainbow Dash’s lines. RD sounds a lot more gentle towards Derpy/Ditzy Doo now, which is not how RD interacts with everypony else. To me, it send the message that people with disabilities are fragile and need to be treated gently. I disagree with that and think people should be treated equally no matter what. Ergo, I would have been happier if RD treated Derpy/Ditzy Doo the way she would treat anypony who had destroyed town hall: with her characteristic brashness.

    • Anonymous

      So much this.
      I can understand dropping the name (I’m actually kinda happy with her canon name now being both) and changing the voice, though I disagree with it.
      But to change Rainbow’s voice just send ALL the wrong messages.

    • Rkas Maruvee

      I liked her original voice, personally, but you really do make a good point with the whole “gentler with Derpy” thing. It definitely sends the wrong signal: that you must be gentle and slow with people who are disabled, even if it is just physically. That is ENTIRELY WRONG, and, as several others have said, Derpy is really a good shout-out not only to the Brony/Pegasister community, but it also might help the disabled community that watches the show feel better.

      In addition, I feel that I must point out a very important fact: this show is about friendship, and as many fans have taken the phrase “love and tolerance”, I feel that people must love, tolerate, and embrace the fact that Derpy is derpy, and isn’t intended to be offensive. Even if she was, Derpy would still need to be loved and tolerated by the other ponies because of her disabilities. Can’t we all understand this?

      • Kahluah

        I am physically disabled but I have about a 3.0 gpa. Granted 3.0 isnt very uncommon and i know i can do way better ( its unusually low at the moment)

        When i was in middle school and people learned i was short because i had a disablilty, they all started to talk to me in the way the new RD voice over was. Whenever they did this to me i would look at them, and start talking about something like string or chaos theory ( what i knew of it at the time) Whatever i said went so far over their heads they had to ask about three times for me to explain.

        All I am saying is I agree that you dont have to be gentle and delicate twords disabled people because sometimes they are just as strong as you.

  • daswed

    Love and tolerance.

  • Green45

    Nice to hear from the actual writer, and it pretty much just confirms what we know: The people actually making Friendship Is Magic still deserve our love, Hasbro deserves to go jump off a cliff.

    • OhYouFoal

      I think the belief was from day one that this was all hasbro’s doing.

      I don’t believe it’s AKR’s fault at all. Was this a decision she made for the hell of it? No, she made it after a mixture of pressure from Hasbro and a minority of negative emails, all that I assume to be a mixture of people thinking they have the right to speak on disabled people’s behalf (Which I’m sorry, most of them don’t) and the others being trolls part of groups geared around the ‘stop liking what I don’t like’ concept, such as the NCF.

      But whatever, good luck to those people running the counter-protest campaigns, you have my faith in doing the right thing but forgive me if I’m hesitant to believe that it has any hopes of working out now.

  • It’s nice to have some clarity. I just hate it that the few ruined it for the many.

  • boelwerkr

    It’s great to get these information. It makes the situation more clear. But the person who had make the decision is not fond jet. I wish to know what he though at that moment. I want to understand the decision. I can’t form my opinion on this situation without informations. I hope someone at Hasbro give use all informations.

    At this time it looks like Hasbro had acted as headless chickens.

  • Anonymous

    “It was a no win situation. Fans were going to be offended no matter what.”


  • Derpy

    nonsense, its the biggest bullshit i saw the last weeks, that letter is just to keep the fans quiet, nothing more

  • Anonymous

    I don’t agree with the decision that made, but now at least knowing more or less why it was done i can respect it.

    I just REALLY hope this does not effect any future episodes or appearances of ditzy/derpy, i hope they don’t remove her from season 3 as that would be a real kick in the teeth.

    Regardless, HAPPY DERPY DAY everypony!, i am now off to eat muffins like a bawz.

  • Anonymous

    “I was asked to change Ditzy’s name to Derpy as a “tip of the hat” to the fans”

    There’s your problem, right there. Brony type DHX employees wanting to put “fan content” into the show.

    Everyone is now upset just because they’re not getting what they “wanted”.

    Leave the creative talents alone and trust them with their work. Let canon be canon and let fanon be fanon.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, that part bothered me a bit too. It kind of goes against the “not pandering to fans” attitude that Jayson has said they’ve been adhering to. It upsets me only because Ms. Rogers clearly states that the name Ditzy Doo had already been established for the character and was being used internally – so this is basically the first real case of undeniable fanservice / entering fanon into canon.

      Had her name remained Ditzy Doo, we all still would have been beyond ecstatic that she got her own scene. We’ve always (rightfully) accepted the canon even when it destroys fanon. So although we knew her as Derpy, if her canon name had been established as Ditzy, we would have loved it all the same. And most likely none of this controversy would have happened, because the word “derp” wouldn’t be involved at all.

      • Why did they have to change the name to Derpy?

        Answer this one question, and you have the world on a platter…not really. But still.

      • Kahluah

        Even if it remained Ditzy there would be contraversy over a blond character named Ditzy, eventually going into hate email about dumb blonds.

  • sarah

    I’m glad we have some explanation, but I am still very upset about the misunderstanding about the word “derp”. It’s really frustrating to me that some just don’t understand that we do not name Derpy Derpy because we’re making fun of the mentally disabled. I have never heard the word derp used for retarded. Ever. It has always been a word for making a mistake or being clumsy or making a silly face. Something that also bother me is that even if she is mentally disabled(which I never thought she was) what’s so bad about that? There is nothing wrong with being mentally disabled. :( I’m still happy that they gave us Derpy, even though some bad apples wined about her. At least they tryed and I hope this doesn’t stop them from giving us such gifts in the future.

    • What everyone thinks derp means: “A mistake, something done not in the normal way that results in an amusing or slightly wrong answer.” (also something that isn’t in my browser’s dictionary apparently :p)

      What a select few people think derp means: “A clumsy, totally wrong mistake that labels the person who did it as ‘unfit for duty’, or ‘person who will not amount to anything even remotely important in this world’.”

      You can quote me on this.

  • FINAL DESICION (unless iTunes/Hasbro screws it up):

    Hasbro themselves are responsible for all the legal/fan stuff, they told the animators to go back into the show, fix the eyes, resync sound, change lipsync, etc.

    iTunes and a bunch of people who’d rather shelter disabled people are the ones who said Derpy is offensive. It was somewhat the eyes, mostly the name. I can’t make a decision on the clumsiness of Derpy. (Apparently Derpy = Clumsy asshat)

    The animators and script/screenwriters are the ones who actually put time into the show. They are the ones who should be thanked. Not hated on.

    If you were to go scream at anyone, scream at iTunes and the people who think disabled people should be treated like they have AIDS. Also scream at Hasbro, but DON’T SCREAM AT THE ANIMATORS. Hate on Hasbro, not on Studio B/AKR/Amy Rogers/Rainbow Dash or whoever the hell you WANT to scream at. Hating requires strategy too, not just spawning endless devils from hell.

    That’s if you want to scream at people, though. Personally, I don’t recommend it.

  • Anonymous

    I really hope this letter doesn’t mean you guys gave up on the Save Derpy campaign.
    Even after reading the letter I still feel what happened was unfair. Amy said it herself:

    “But then I also knew that an insensitive portrayal of someone with disabilities was never our intention, so why change it?”

    It’s ironic how people who think they are saints because they shelter disabled people called Amy names and made her feel horrible. Very mature. They were acting just like the bullies they were supposedly sworn to stop.
    I can’t believe they were taken seriously by Hasbro and the Hub.
    They also fail to see that they are belittling disabled people by thinking they can’t stand up for themselves and need to be coddled.

    Please guys do not give up on Derpy. I know it looks like there’s not much we can do but please, oh please don’t give up the fight.

  • Raoul

    Her name will ALWAYS be Derpy!
    I will never call her with any other name, Hasbro can name her ditzy, dutzy or lara, in the heart of every true bronie, she will ALWAYS carry only one name!

  • Anonymous

    10 e-mails… 10 e-mails… 10 e-mails… and she just happened to have a disabled kid as well. Yet she didn’t find it offensive and had to do a deep search to find out that derp is rarely used as a synonym for retarded.
    She didn’t even know what ableism is because the term is so obscure no one uses it but people obsessed with eradicating ableism.
    Just look them up, they are crazy. They want to change our language by banning words they find offensive, even harmless ones like “lame”. No kidding.
    As you can see these people are mean-spirited hypocrites because they berated Mrs. Rogers offending her in the process.
    I’m aware Hasbro and the Hub may have gotten more than 10 complaints but I bet the positive e-mails supporting Derpy outweigh the negative ones on all fronts.
    All in all these nutjobs were allowed to win.
    I say we shouldn’t give up the fight, we live in a democracy and as far as I know democracy is supposed to be the rule of the majority. Derpy did NOT harm anyone’s rights. Only an insignificant amount of people found her offensive but those people are crazy (crazy is another word they want to ban, I wonder why).

    Here’s a few links to prove my point:

    Apparently exoskeletons are ableist, lets hinder technological progress and just stick with wheelchairs!

    Lame is an offensive word, it needs to be “eradicated”.

  • Kyser

    She will always be Derpy Hooves, what has been seen cannot be unseen!

  • Zac

    Well, if that’s the way things have to be /: I use the word “derpy” all the time, and it’s never with an offensive intent.

    However, i understand that some people see this in a more serious light, and so i guess i can come to terms with the whole thing. Really, i love the show because of what it is, and i liked it before i knew about Derpy. Though Derpy was a nice tip of the hat to us older fans, it still doesn’t matter as long as the show remains!

  • magruber

    you know, none of this would have happened if words Derp and Derpy were in Websters Dictionary. Maybe we should focus on campaigning for that. Once its officially labeled in Websters, its very hard to change it unless its use as negative slang becomes greater than 10 to 200

  • We need to organize. We can do it from my board. We are making a topic dedicated to saving Derpy. We will not relent until the original material is back in place on iTunes and Derpy’s canon status is returned – or Hasbro sells the rights to her character to us – the fans who breathed her soul into her.

    They’ve yet to address the fact they deliberately altered her appearance and un-crossed her eyes. The fact they did that means that since her voice – her name and her eyes were changed at the same time to be less offensive means that they felt having crossed eyes is offensive. That people with disabilities are offensive.

    Intentional or not. They have ripped away an innocent soul from us and if you agree with me then let’s re-group on g league and try to reason over time with our brother bronies. Realize that if you join me – you are no longer brony. You are derpy and proud of it.

  • Anonymous

    So……does that mean they’re changing her name?

  • Malus793

    Upon reading Amy’s response to the outcry over Derpy’s changes, I have only this to say:

    1. Of course she’s in support of the change. Hasbro writes her check. I’m sure she’s a nice person and all, but this email was written by someone who is

    more “freelance writer” than fan.

    2. The correct option would have been to make no changes, as that implies that she STOOD BY THE CHARACTER AND THE FANDOM AS A WHOLE–not just when it was

    profitable or safe. “Friendship isn’t always easy, but it’s worth fighting for.” Too bad the friendship of supporters of this show AND Derpy wasn’t

    deemed as something worth fighting for.

    3. So, we’re not to be angry with Hasbro (the suits who unilaterally altered the episode as soon as SLIGHT controversy reared its ugly head), the HUB (a

    subsidiary of the above-mentioned suits), DHX (the studio that allowed the change without question), or the Anti-Derpy movement (those who apparently

    think that the disabled are too dumb or abnormal to be offended on their own, and therefore need someone abled to be offended on their behalf). If not

    those responsible for the change, to whom exactly should we take our grievances?

    4. In business, the tail does not wag the dog. The supplier is only successful if there’s a demand for product. Without demand, there is no success.

    Consumers are the most important component of any business venture. Bronies drive this brand. Period. Not children, not parents. Bronies. They are

    the reason why this brand can be considered a commercial success. If they stopped watching the show or buying the products, MLP:FiM would never have seen

    a second season. And, yet, in spite of all of this, fandoms seem to think it’s the other way around. “We should be thankful for what they’re giving us.”

    They’re not GIVING us anything. WE are BUYING it. Fans should have more say in these matters than they do, but they refuse to fight for that say.

    5. Bronies are about “love, tolerance, and respect”, but in this world, a lot of that is a two-way street–and it seemed that the love, tolerance, and

    respect that Bronies on the whole showed for the writers and producers of this show was reciprocated until this whole debacle began. After all, “love”

    implies something worth loving, and something worth loving is something worth fighting for. With that in mind, I love and respect the fandom. I loved

    the fact that MLP decided to use Derpy as a means to finally bridge the gap between “consumer” and “producer” in a way that hadn’t been done in quite the

    same way before, and respected the writers and Hasbro for making the decision they originally made. I love what Derpy represents–or, more aptly,

    representED. I refuse to pretend that she didn’t happen, that she didn’t have the voice she had originally, and that the bridge between creators and fans

    wasn’t burned by Hasbro, the HUB, and DHX so shortly after it was built. A slap in the face to the many in the fandom I LOVE because of the

    unsubstantiated misgivings of the few is something I cannot TOLERATE. If I could, my love would be meaningless and empty.

    Derpy wasn’t what made this show great. It was what Derpy represented–the intricate, respectful, and mutual understanding between creator and fandom–

    that made this show, this property great. By censoring Derpy so quickly after presenting her to the fandom (and no one will ever convince me that this

    wasn’t a knee-jerk reaction on the parts of Hasbro, the HUB, or DHX), that relationship…the thing that made MLP so great from day one…is gone. The

    magic has been removed from the friendship.

  • David R.

    To be honest, I didn’t like the treatment of the character to begin with. To my eyes, she should have had her own episode with phasers set to “D’awww.” Instead I found myself mildly annoyed that she destroyed town hall without any remorse or resolve. This is a kid’s show, but beyond its cuteness, keeping the gimmicks smart enough to keep us older folks interested is something that made it special.

    Anyway, I’m as much a proponent of love and tolerance as anyone else here, but it’d sure be nice if the minorities who pushed these changes could respect us to the same extent. Anyone with an ounce of reason (along with maybe 5 seconds on Google) would quickly learn just how much fans adore their little goofy-eyed, clumsy, animated friend.

  • Aurachan

    What I think about this is pretty much this… you changed a character that apparently is a character that is different from others wouldn’t this be the same as telling the people that are “different” that because they are different they need to change to? I wonder if the people that are agents Derpy ever thought of this. My final word on this, if you don’t like it then don’t watch it. If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all, and finally. I think it was good of a cartoon to have a different character it shows diversity and that they can get along with anyone…isn’t that what everyone wants in the end? The ability for everyone to get along?

  • Fadflamer

    Thanks for posting this, DerpySquad. It’s nice to have a solid perspective on this situation.

  • Kahluah

    If the ord Derp is so offensive, why have i heard nothing about the Derp memebase being wanted to be taken down?

    No, instead they fight for a beloved character in a childrens show ( also loved by groups of all ages ♥ ) to be taken away. They day I saw the episode where Derpy spoke and that name was ‘cannoned’ i was so happy. I fourced my aunt to watch that part and she doesnt even like the sho. My dad who sometimes watches it with me and like the show also thought that Derpy was unoffensive and that if it did have to do with disabled people, at least she keeps trying and doesnt give up.

    I also agree that the people who use the word Derp as retarted are looking way to deep to find reasons to take things away from people. My friends at school commonely say herp and derp and it can be for a simple reason like accidently dropping your pencile when there should have been no way it could have been dropped. It can also just refer to the placment of her eyes. If you google the word Derp and look in images, almost every picture has messed up eyes.

    Very rarly in the derp images search have i found something offensive, half of them say and i can quote ” Derp Herp a derp derp hurrrrrrrrrrrr ”

    i dont get it, i dont care about the name i can personally call her whatever i want. But the point is taking something away isnt love and tolerance

  • thebrony1

    ponder this would it be more offensive to have you son be changed to fit with normal society or just be the way he is because it shouldn’t matter either way but i do understand not liking ten negative email it takes 100 good to make up for one bad so you would need 1000 to feel better about it to me it is also more offensive that there is no one with some kind of mental handicap because this world is suppose to be just like ours and we have people why don’t they have ponies maybe derpy was meant to be that way for a real reason to show it okay it really is it doesn’t matter if you have those problems people will except you no matter what and changing that is a slap in the face to that idea i guess

  • Congratulations on making something out of nothing! How dare you change a beloved character on the basis of offending a few “real” retards in the world? THIS IS A CARTOON!!! YOU KNOW, MAKE BELIEVE? Have any of you seen an episode of Family Guy or South Park? They make fun of retards ALL THE TIME. I understand this MLP but (ARE YOU LISTENING DECISION MAKERS?) No matter what content in the show, you’re going to offend SOMEONE out there! Twilight Sparkle uses “magic” my aunt is a nun (I’m not joking) thinks you’re showing witchcraft to young children, and what about Rainbow Dash? She’s 100% lesbian. AppleJack is 100% Hillbilly. Look for something wrong in anything and it will be there, it’s that easy. There are literally MILLIONS of fans that LOVE “Derpy Hooves” the way she was (go to youtube) Please change her back the way she was and I think, Derpy deserves her own episode in the future.