Andrea Libman Interviewed by BroNEcast

Enjoy an interview with Andrea Libman, her brother Daniel Libman, Whitedove, and Draw Ponies.

Our first episode on our youtube channel, is actually our first episode since our one year mark! We hope that you are able to enjoy our podcast on another format, that being the format of youtube! You can of course, always find us at our various homes, or subscribe on iTunes to bring the podcast right to you!


Now for the thank you’s. Big thanks to Nerd-Kon for setting this whole thing up! You really helped us put on one hell of a show! Big thanks to all of our guests for agreeing to be on the show! Seriously, it’s really kind of you to do this. Thanks to my wonderful team for being by my side, even if there was very little talking on your part. Thanks to the crowd for being so hot for us. That was awesome. And of course, thank to all of our sponsors:

  • PON3 Con in Omaha, Nebraska
  • where you can use the coupon code “BroNEcast” to save 10% on your purchase.
  • And the MLP:FiM Fan Film, Journey of the Spark.

Thanks for listening,
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