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Andrea Libman (voice actor of Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie) recently did a Q&A at Fushicon and thankfully someone was kind enough to record the 44 minute session on their HD cell phone.  Yes, 44 minutes.  So we went ahead and did a transcript of it.  You can find both the video and transcript after the page break.
[Source: EqD]

Transcript Disclaimer:  Years ago I use to work as a court transcriber, not the person you see in front of a judge but basically a business which took really crap recordings of court cases (usually people fighting traffic tickets) and transcribe them into text documents.  So excuse the wording, as its pretty much word for word, including stuttering and the usual hiccups you get from a Q&A.  The transcript contains about 98% of the questions, a couple I couldn’t hear, and some were just people trying to get Ms. Libman to say or sing something, so I skipped over that.  The others would be from not being able to hear what was said, or what the answer was.  Its a good watch if you got the time though.

Q.  How did you actually get into voice acting.

A.  Well I’ve been doing it for about twenty years, I did films when I was a little kid, when I was about six or seven, I was in films and I had this really high voice, I did a series called Dinobabies, that was my first one.  And then after that I did Madeline, yeah so it just kind of happened and then never went away.  Then everyone said your voice is going to change and you’ll be out, no no, still on helium.

Q.  You mention you did films when you were young, what were those films?

A.  I did Little Women, and a lot of TV like X-Files, Highlander, Comish, stuff that was filmed in Vancouver.

Q.  So you were actually in the episodes?

A.  Yes.

Q.  So what episodes of the X-Files were you in?

A.  I was in one called Born Again, you can look it up, I’m a possessed killer.

Q.  When they gave the brief description for Friendship is Magic, did you have any idea how huge it was going to be, that is was going to go beyond 5 year old girls basically.

A.  Not at all, I’ve do so many shows, I never ever thought that would happen.  I just thought it was a new My Little Pony and I thought, I had to get on this because I love My Little Pony from when I was growing up, and but, we didn’t know for the longest time,  one time we came into the studio and Jayson saying “Oh you know there’s these bronies, we got these fans” and I said no we don’t, but yet here I am.

Q.  How much of the brony fan material have you seen?

A.  I just got a twitter, people send me stuff…nothing but nice stuff so far.  Is that going to change?

Q.  How does it feel when your two characters are having a conversation.

A.  SO weird.  Well a lot of voice actors do it all the time, so its different for me because my voice is pretty distinct, that I don’t do that a lot, and I was surprised that they casted me for both, and its weird.  But all the other voice actors do it so I was just kinda “oh no big deal”.

Q.  So do they record the sound tracks separately or can you change your voice that fast?

A.  Yeah I change between the two of them.  I tried to, sometimes if its something really dense we might go back, but you try and do it all at once so you don’t disrupt the flow, I guess.

Q.  So what do you prefer, do you prefer acting in front of the camera or voice acting?

A.  Voice acting.  I don’t like the camera.

Q.  If you could be any of the ponies in the series, who would you be?

A.  I don’t know, mine are pretty good.

Q.  Considering the major contrast between Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie personalities, how do you deal with between the voices of both characters, as they can be different in style, tone, character.

A.  I think the difference makes it easier actually.  I think it was hard at first, but I don’t know, I just do it.

Q.  Who’s your favorite voice, Fluttershy or Pinkie Pie?

A.  I really like Princess Celestia’s, she has an awesome voice, its like so smooth and perfect.  Like read me a bed time story.

Q.  How did you actually come up with Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy’s voice, how did you decide how their voices sounded like.

A.  They had really specific descriptions, really specific.  So I guess it was my version, but everyone had their own version.  They knew what they wanted.

Q.  Do you find it challenging shifting between doing voice acting American stuff where you record it first and like anime?

A.  Yes, anime is a hundred time harder to do than prelay, because prelay you get to decide what its going to be like, and with dubbing its already been done and you have to match it perfectly, and matching the flaps as we call it, its really, really difficult.

Q.  What do you think of England, have you been here before?

A.  Yeah I’ve been here before, I love it, that’s why I came.  Everyone has been so great to me, thank you very much.

Q.  What thing did you enjoy working on the most?

A.  MLP is pretty fun, oh I had a lot of fun playing mean girls 2, I did a show called Ricky’s Sprocket where I was just this crazy deva mean girl, its really fun to be mean.  That doesn’t happen on MLP at all.

Q.  What do you think of the con experience so far, its like your first one, right?

A.  I like it.

Q.  Do you think we’re all quite crazy, I don’t mind if you say we are.

A.  I was thinking yesterday doing the cosplay, I meant that was like, I had never seen anything like it.  I was nervous just trying to prounce everything, and then I was thinking why am I nervous when these people have the nerve to dress up in these fantastic costumes and go out there and rock it.  Its pretty easy to sit on my ass.  I admire the confidence.

Q.  You don’t think its a little strange seeing people who are in their 20s dressed up as ponies.

A.  Yeah, that’s cool.  I don’t know, its fun, right?  Why not.

Q.  Without meaning to sound rude, why don’t you do Pinkie Pie’s singing voice.

A.  Its not my decision.  Sometimes I do do it, maybe like almost half the time, but that’s totally not something I decided.

Q.  I know you did like, well not you personally but they have the Equestria Girls song, like any song would be best that would be ponified.

A.  I don’t know, what do you guys think?  I don’t know anything upbeat.

Q.  When you do the voice acting, do you get to see any of the storyboards or do you mix, or is it like tables in a cafeteria.

A.  No, do you know what a sound studio is like?  We’re all in a semi-circle with microphones basically, and then there’s glass, and on the other side of the glass is the engineer, the voice directory, and the for MLP there is the animation directory is there as well, which is not usually the case.  So I think that really helps because he’s got the ideas in his mind, what things are going to look like.  we normally don’t have that.  SO he’s there, but we don’t see anything.

Q.  Middle age men obsessive over ponies, how does it make you feel to know now they fap to (audience roar).

A.  Gross.

Q.  You know when you like record doing all the voice acting with all the other voice actors, do you pretty much get along very well with them.

A.  Yeah, definitely.

Q.  When you do the voice recording, do you sometimes respond to them doing your voice.

A.  No.

Q.  How many takes do you generally go through, do you go through a whole scene to the end, or I mean how many times do you general do that before you get something done.

A.  Usually the minimum is to run through a scene twice, just for safety, and then pick off lines, we’ll go back over and they’ll want that a certain way.  So we’ll run through once, if there’s no objections I guess we’ll run it again, otherwise we’ll go back.  When you start a series, it takes a lot longer, and once everyone gets use to the characters and such, it gets pretty fast.

Q.  How long does it general take to do an episode worth.

A.  About three hours.

Q.  So what is the sound studio like, is it really professional, because I have this image of it being filled with cookies and pony poems.

A.  Oh, I wish.  Its just like any other studio, just carpets inside.  No cookies, I think they have cookies on the other side of the glass, which is really unfair.

Q.  Is it true you voice acted Anne in the game League of Legends.

A.  Could be?  (didn’t know)  Wikipedia is always wrong.

Q.  Has there ever been any discussions about a MLP movie?

A.  Not that I’ve heard.

Q.  I grew up with the old style ponies, I want to know what you think about the new style versus the old style.

A.  Actually did some voices for the old style as well, so I use to do Sweete Belle, so yeah, I mean so different, so nice and fluffy.  Its fun to do a show that has a little bit more comedy I guess, like jokes.  The old one didn’t have any, just sweet sweet sweet.

Q.  If you could write an episode of MLP, what would you have actually happen, what would you have them do.

A.  What would you like?

Q.  How was Equestria made?

A.  I don’t know.  Do I have to know that?  I just grew up on a rock farm.

Q.  When you’re looking for work, does work seek you out, or do you use think “Oh they’re making a new mlp, I’d really like to do that again”, or is it a mixture of both.

A.  Its usually, when there’s a new series coming out, they’ll put out a notice and they’ll send it to all the agencies, and the agencies get it and then they’ll probably ask for specific people or the agent will submit, so usually I never see it, I just get a call from my agent saying I have an audition.

Q.  Where did your voice acting career start.

A.  Well the first series I did was Dinobabies, this thing I don’t think ever went anywhere or anyone knows.  My agent at the time decide to submit me for a voice job for the first time and…its boring.  It’d be better if it was a cool story how I got started.  Like I stormed into the studio and said listen to this high pitched voice.

Q.  Have you ever had a really nerve racking audition.  (Or a really hard role).

A.  Oh yeah, yeah tons.  Yeah I mean sometimes you go in and you don’t know and they’re like can you an accent like you were born in Ireland and then you moved to Greece.

Q.  How was it being a child actress / voice actor, did you enjoy it?

A.  I really enjoyed it.  As a child it was awesome, it was fun, it was just like a game, you didn’t know what you were doing its just all fun, all the time.  And then when I got older and I got braces, that was it, they didn’t want to see me anymore.  It was great to do it being younger, but you sort of had to make a choice, it was either go to high school and do high school things, or do film, like travel around and miss months of school, so I choose to go to high school, I’m happy I did that.

Q.  Have you ever felt self conscience about your voice?

A.  Yeah, when I was younger and before I could drive and doing voice over stuff, I would call a taxi and they would laugh at me and hang up.

Q.  If you could be an actress, what do you think you’d like to do as a career instead?

A.  Well I have an engineering degree, I could do that, but I don’t want to.

Q.  On the topic of boys, have you ever been ask to do any male character voices, like a high pitch sort of voice.

A.  Yeah, I’ve done dubbing for really young boys.

Q.  In terms of getting into voice acting, was there anybody you sort of looked up to either before hand or when you first started doing it, someone you aspired to be.

A.  Well I was 6, I guess I mean the big, the Simpsons, right, I guess wow.  When I was 6 it was like this is fun, microphone.

Q.  How do you create the voices of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy.

A.  Oh yeah somebody did ask them, the description they wanted was really really descriptive.  They knew what they wanted.  I sort of did what I could that would match that range.

Q.  How is it working with Tara Strong?

A.  Actually I don’t work with her, she lives in LA, so she records separately.  I recorded with her once and she was great.

Q.  Do you find it easier to work from a really in depth description or do you find it easier to sort of like make your own voices.

A.  I like a good description, otherwise I mean, people who are casting know what they want, right.  So I might make something that I think sounds great, but if its not what they want, it doesn’t matter, right.  So they tell you what they’re thinking.

Q.  Whats like the biggest mess up you did in a recording?

A.  Well we mess up all the time, right.  Sometimes your speaking for so long that your words don’t come out right.  And maybe a bad word slips out.  I mean its not a big deal because it happens all the time, its just kind of how it is.

Q.  Do you find that after acting your characters, that you can take on that character’s traits?

A.  I’m usually pretty exhausted, but I do notice sometimes when I’m leaving studio I’ll call out and say HI! (in characters voice), so maybe a little bit, but usually after a recording I’m pretty bagged.

Q.  Do you have a least favorite pony or one that you just don’t like as much as the others, not just because of the voice actors, just the pony.

A.  I guess the mean ones, I don’t know.  No i mean I think all the characters are pretty awesome, I think they did a good job of making all the different ones, I don’t have any hard feelings towards anyone.

Q.  When running through the script, do you get a chance to adlib or improve the script.

A.  Yeah, whats really fun about MLP, especially Pinkie Pie, they let me go nuts, and then they keep it.  Its so crazy.

Q.  You said you’re pretty tired after a recording session, are you sometimes, would you be working on other shows the same day as recording..

A.  Yup.  But usually depending on what show you are doing and what depending on the scripts, if I have a show that’s one of my characters is heavy, then that’s exhausting.  Usually on other shows you get a chance to sit down between and relax while other people do their lines and have breaks, so that helps, but yeah the most I would do in one day is two shows, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon, then I die.

Q.  With regards to animated movies, do you feel that maybe more people who are voice actors full time should be cast over actors, obviously people in this room appreciate voice actors while other people don’t.  Would you want to act in a film or…

A.  I’d love to.  I’d so love to.  But its a big draw to get the celebrities to get to do those characters and they’re all.

Q.  On the subject of swearing it doesn’t perhaps concern you that some of the sound engineers might be keeping the clips where you make mistakes in the sound studio and editing those together to make you say interesting things.

A.  I know they do that.  What can I do.  Its funny.

Q.  What do you think all the fandom inserts like Ditzy Doo became Derpy Hooves because she seemed cross eyed once and they kept it like that once.

A.  Its an animation thing, right?  Cool.

Q.  Do you have a favorite line that you did with either Fluttershy or Pinkie Pie?

A.  I like a lot of the Fluttershy lines when she’s very awkward, like I think in the very first episode when she’s meeting Fluttershy.

Q.  Have you ever had a chance to see any of the fandom that has been made in any of your characters?

A.  I just started to see (cough), its pretty amazing, I like that kind of thing.  I’m in awe of artists because I can only draw a stick person, its pretty cool.

Q.  If you had a cutie mark, what would it be?

A.  You mean like a person?  Maybe like piano keys, some music notes.

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    At some point anyone from the show staff who interacts with the fanbase needs to just screen all questions ahead of time. I can't remember a single interview/Q&A session that didn't have MULTIPLE insulting/retarded/perverse questions from the interviewer or audience.

    I fucking hate this fandom sometimes.

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