Andrew W. K. on Ponies that Party

Pinkie Pie and Andrew W.K. by betoheavy

Since yesterday’s announcement of party proponent Andrew W.K.’s attendance at Canterlot Gardens, there’s been a bunch of what-the-hays going around about him showing up to talk about Pinkie Pie.
MTV’s Hive blog managed to get a hold of him since then and got the low-down on his patronage of pink partying ponies.

The tl;dr is that AWK is apparently an OG brony and Pinkie Pie incarnate who’s really picky when it comes to cupcakes and hung out with a bunch of girls who liked Ponies and appreciates that fact that guys are embracing them now and that Jerry Seinfeld needs to just give in to them.

and here’s the NSFW art I wanted to use for this post

[via MTVHive]

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or does this just seem like he’s whoring himself out again to sell some CD’s?

    • filledwithsolutions

      Wow I thought I was cynical

  • Blue

    How is that image NSFW? Unless I Get Wet album is also now NSFW.