Animaniacs Promos

Pinkie and the Brain by caffeinerabbit

In the past month or so, The Hub has produced a slew of new Animaniacs promo spots and what better way to attract a rabid fanbase than by making a nod at their already-beloved show. The following videos are commercials featuring the cast of Animaniacs (voiced by their original actors, no less) singing jingles and mentioning The Hub’s main lineup of shows, most prominently My Little Pony, of course. Take a looksee after the break.

UPDATE: The extended cut of the “Let the Anvils Ring” promo has been added below!

  • Anonymous

    Cool, though you can hear that neither Rob Paulsen or Tess MacNeille haven’t done Yakko and Dot for quite some time.

    • Shiek927

      Tell me about it…you can tell they haven’t voiced those characters in years. Still, I loved them, especially the last one :)

  • I love that last one. :D

  • Sm44

    Love these Promos, Animaniacs & MLP two of the best toons out there.

  • Who colored that Pinkie drawing at the top? The source doesn’t have color.