From the Behind Bob’s Burgers tumblr:

Tina teaches Bob about her favorite show, The Equestranauts.
A clip from the animatic of this week’s episode. Sunday, 7PM on FOX.

  • Piper

    I have been in contact with Dan Mintz who voices Tina on Bob’s Burgers and who also wrote the script for this episode and he informed me that he had never watched MLP FiM before writing this episode. I was thinking he may be a secret brony and that influenced him to go in this direction, but it seems not from his response, although he did seem to think a fandom like MLP has was a positive thing. Tina has been into horses for pretty much the entire Bob’s Burgers series, so I can also completely see that Dan wrote this episode with basically no influence from MLP at all using only the Bob’s Burgers storyline as material.