Goddess of Magic by LoungeJase

Goddess of Magic by LoungeJase

In this week’s edition of Animation Analysis, Gbeaudette shows his method on how to produce the magical effects we see in the show using After Effects. Video after the page break.

Delving into After Effects as well as Flash to produce some reusable Magic FX.

Source Files: http://www.mediafire.com/?p9cgt0afihnu6p8

Elemental Magic Blog: http://elementalmagic.blogspot.com/

Flash FX Animation Blog: http://flashfx.blogspot.com/

  • Medic_Starshine

    I love these videos… they’re quite interesting.

    My mother, whom isn’t a fan of the show, even watches them because of how well done and informative these videos are.

    Anyways, go watch his stuff if you haven’t already.

  • This stuff is way beyond my pay grade, but I admit to being fascinated by the techniques. And maybe some of it will stick after a while.