Animation On Display 2012 – Jayson Thiessen & Pony Panels (Vid)

Wallpaper 2: Lyra by ~Bommster

And now for some news. Animation on Display happened over the weekend, a convention that is held over in good old San Fran. Guest of Honor, one Mr. Jayson Thiessen. Connected after the page breaks are three different videos posted by the North California Bronies meetup group. I haven’t taken a look at the videos, though I know one is dedicated to Thiessen’s panel (moderated by Bronyville Podcast, who do a good job of filtering questions between good and “wut?!”). At some point I will generate some notes or a transcript of these panels, but for now you’re on your own. Two of the videos I know are almost an hour long.

[Update] – Telofy over at Ponyleaks has watched the videos and taken notes, so head on over to his site. Its still a pretty good read, but I know you guys don’t want to watch the videos.

Animation On Display 2012 – Ponyville’s Prized Pastel Ponies Panel

Animation On Display 2012 – My Little Pony Creative Panel

Animation On Display 2012 – Jayson Thiessen’s Message To The Community

Animation On Display 2012 – How Ponies Are Made Panel

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