Animation: Peckish Pony 2

What’s with the sudden burst of fan animations lately? I guess two weeks is too long to wait so we have to start making our own.

MysteryBen has made a really charming animation based off of a part of Rythm Heaven, featuring Pinkie Pie gorging herself with cupcakes while Fluttershy keeps the beat.
The main show is in the background, of course.

Check it out after the jump or just click here.
protip: This may be funnier after watching the original minigame.

For more rhythmic ponies, check out Twilight Goes to DJ School too.

  • RoboPlop

    This is great! It matches the rhythm of the game exactly!
    I was never good enough to get the beat down like Pinkie Pie. I just don't think I'm as musically inclined.

  • Beau Skunk

    Never played the original game (aside from a brief DS demo off the Wii's "Nintendo Channel") but I enjoyed this regardless. ^_^
    The background bit with Twilight was especially amusing. "Epic saxaphone" Spike's a good meme reference to.

    The game looks good though admittedly.

  • SuperGiantRobot

    And then her stomach exploded.