An article has appeared on Animation World Network‘s site about bronies, and its a positive one.  You probably already caught this from EqD (which is my source….obviously).  It covers a good amount of aspects of our little subculture, what MLP is (the female toy to Transformers via Hasbro) and covers Faust and her career, which I did find interesting personally, I like to speculate.
I won’t ruin the whole article but Faust’s story kind of sparked some thought.  According to the article, Faust was at Hasbro pitching her personal work, the Galaxy Girls, and the woman she was talking to pulled out an MLP (probably g3.5) DVD and asked if she was interested.  We know that the toys were Faust’s favorite from childhood, but that she wasn’t into the show itself for being too girly.  Thus we have our lovely creation of g4.
But what comes to mind is just questioning if Faust had done MLP so try and get the Galaxy Girls in the door at Hasbro or any studio, and that her leaving after writing had wrapped up for season 2 was due to the fact that she now had interest in the Galaxy Girls, or that Hasbro did not bite on the concept and she’s moving on to attempt somewhere else.  Yeah I know, its not news, but I figure I can spice things up with my own personal thoughts (or bore you to death).
Anyways, its a great article that covers all the bases and even talks about Derpy for a few paragraphs.  Its a good read, and a positive one to counter that bullcrap from NPR and Fox (like they count).
  • Plaster

    I know that she put a lot of work into MLP and you just can't do that if you're not interested. But anyone looking at her dA page could tell you that her number 1 priority is that galaxy girls project. I agree with you