Animator OC Pony

Cliff, the guy in the video. Happened upon an animator of the show and asked for an autograph. First, i’d like to point out that that particular animator must have been on cloud 9 to be even asked that. I bet her child-aged relatives don’t even ask for an autograph.
Not only does she oblige, she sends a whole OC pony of herself as well. That pretty much sums up the video.

Brb, bothering Jaysen on his twitter.

He also got a Luna from Target.

[Thanks to the Bronies Facebook]

  • Anonymous


  • Night Star

    Fvck Griffons.

  • Anonymous

    It's pretty cool this guy got an autograph from an animator, and by mail mail even. I just wish it didn't take him three minutes of dicking around to show it to us.

  • Night Star

    ^ its because he reports reviews of Merchandising to us on the Bronies Community in Facebook. Thats why he shows all that stuff, and also he does Reviews of Beverages since ever, so, thats why. Its not his fault. Greets.

  • derpymaths

    SO JELLY! that oc pony is kickass!

  • Anonymous

    Three minutes of dicking around? My original intent was to just stretch the video as long as possible, building up the tension and slightly paraspritin' the viewers….but I got too excited and cut to the autograph sooner than expected. XD


  • Anonymous

    don't take it too hard cliff, there are a lot of people from /co/ that browse the site. They are pretty intense when it comes to something they think makes the fanbase look bad. They mean well, but they're just so angry about it