Derpy Saves Equestria By brony4life It’s Discord day over on dA, now that people can no longer complain about being spoiled.

I will keep them anonymous to save themselves from any ill repurcussions. The people who were in that chat… keep your big yappers closed!

They decided that they wanted to give us a couple neat little bits of info about the new season! The one i’ve copied and pasted the lines from has also been working quite hard on the character models and keeping them up to date and putting the recognized BG ponies into places that they will be used, hopefully there’s less clonies in the bg and more “OH GOD LOOK IT’S VINYL SCRATCH AND OCTAVIA EEEE”

  • s02 will expand on a lot of things people have wondered about and go deeper into some chars
  • Honestly, I adore s02 Luna… I think people will like what they’ve done with her, and the people who DON’T wouldn’t have liked ANYTHING we did *shrugs*
  • Season 2 is basically going to “Joss” a lot of fanon
  • Anonymous

    >linking to TVtropes

    also good to see you guys on the ball these past few days!

  • TGGeko

    Ohhohohohohoh. This will be grand!

  • Anonymous

    Such neat info. I kind of like that a lot of fanon will be "Jossed" as they put. Some people were getting way too attached of what they wanted the show to be, instead of what it actually was. Excited about that expanding ideas thing as well.

  • Anonymous

    I love watching fanon get murdered and hung out to rot. Looking forward to S2 even more now!

  • Anonymous

    Which one is this irc channel?

  • Moshalas

    I'm always interested in a change of storyline of the characters. I want to see Luna in a way I've not seen her before, I'm looking forward to it.