Another Season 2 Sample

Aidan McAteer, an animation revisionist for FiM and who’s also known for animation on Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, released a clip reel of animation samples from various projects he’s worked on.

The video is sprinkled with several clips from FiM, with a couple from Season 2!

Apparently this is four months old?

(thanks Hoppip)

  • plaster

    impressive profile this guy has.

  • Anonymous

    Wonder if this is from one of the extra episodes that were made during season 1 but will be airing for season two.

  • Anonymous

    Rainbow Dash being roped to a cloud and pulled down? Priceless.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    hmm i just realised the only person likely to be roping anything is AJ.

  • DerpySquad

    One speculation I heard earlier (just people guessing): RD is sick and refuses to see a Doctor (possibly afraid of them), and her friends are trying to force her. She looks like she was sleeping in that picture, AJ probably roped her and is taking her to the hospital. (RD gets free and hilarity ensues).