Anquestria is built on the open-source game "Angband", which is a \'roguelike\' RPG.

Anquestria is available on PC and is 100% playable right now. (for Mac/Linux, etc, advanced users can compile the game themselves, but pre-compiled version for those platforms will be coming soon)
We are still developing it as well, adding new features and recruiting new developers.

Anypony is welcome to help on the project, and there are many roles available that don\'t require programming ability.
We are looking for:
Storyline writers
C++ coders
Gameplay designers
and just about anything else

Our development blog (and links to the game download) is located at
and our forums are at


Since its the busy season I didn't get a chance to really dive into it, the game itself is text based, very much like a Multi-User-Dungeon, or "M.U.D." which some of you may know what it is. If not, basically its the general idea of WoW, except in text form, and has been around since 1975. The 'glory' days for a mud was about 1995 to 2005, but of course with all the Xbox Live, Wow, Everquest, and MMOs that have appeared, they are a dieing breed.

But this game isn't a mud, as it has a graphical interface (ascii graphical) and you move your character (@) around. I wandered around until I found Farmer Maggot who is screaming for me to get off his property and have I seen his dogs. But if you're into the strange and unusual, or retro style gaming, give it a viewing.
  • Nuggetman341

    What do I open this game under? My it does not work on my VBA and I dont think I have another program that will work with this :(