Sorry Derpy… by *Adlynh

Yet again iTunes has leaked today’s episde well before it had aired. This also happened last week, around the same time of night but of course was more or less buried by the fact that the episode was accidentally leaked from The Hub’s website due to a data entry error. Its also possible that this is being done as sort of a feature for those who subscribe to MLP on iTunes to encourage more people to purchase from their services, though if so one would imagine The Hub wouldn’t be overly happy about it, as its taking away from their sponsor money. Either way, have a link:

  • Gebirges

    Wait a sec mister!
    Why does iTunes say that Apple Family Reunion is Episode 9 instead of 8?

    • When most of the episode synopsis were released shortly before Season 3 on Zap2It, Apple Family Reunion is listed as Season 3 Episode 9. The name or synopsis of episode 8 has yet to be released. I see many sites such as Wikipedia’s episode list are calling this episode 8, which in terms of how they’re being played, it is, but production wise this is indeed episode 9.

      Nayuki of the AllSpark forums and layout artist for MLP made a comment on it, basically that its not unusual for them to skip the number order here or there.

  • Ponichaeism

    What sponsor money?

    I know for a fact I don’t have a Neilsen box. The average number is about what? 10,000 for the whole country?

    Most of us watching the show don’t count already….