Apple Bloom by NyonHyon

Apple Bloom by NyonHyon

They just published a clip from the upcoming episode via the My Little Pony Facebook page.

Check it out after the break!

Granny Smith agrees to let Applejack lead the Apple Family Reunion. But Applejack gets caught up creating over-the-top activities, and loses sight of what is truly important.

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And just for completeness’ sake, the GetGlue sticker. Nothing too spoilery this time though.

  • JT

    All the Apples from Appleloosa? Braeburn’s coming back!

  • Ryan C

    Babs! Braeburn!

  • TailsFox88

    “Feathers on a Goat.”

    New favorite phrases.

  • Maniakk

    I am disappointed that we didn’t get to hear what Babs has been doing to start up the CMC in Manehattan. Also, it IS confirmed that those shooting stars were AJ’s parents. ;~; Feels.