[Art]Discordantly Part 5

Have I ever told you guys that Luna is mai waifu? donutsteel. Click for fullsize

All bets are off! There will be one more part to this series making the total 6.

Not much to say tonight, so I’ll let you enjoy this in peace.

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  • Anonymous

    Hoo boy. The successive paintings of Luna and Celestia are straight out of Genesis 1.

    And the spirit of God moved over the face of the waters.
    And God said, Let there be light.
    And there was light.

  • 21shootingstar -★-

    discord is so dark and evil in this comic, I realy like the fact that celestia and luna worked together to fight discord y they make a wonderfull team to fight evil.

    I love when the fandom explain this things that are not explain in the series.
    this comic and many other fanarts are some kind of colaboration to create a totally new universe than the one presented in the series, it can be more real, more mature and dark in some points, I don't mind if they change all the story I realy apreciate this fanarts. thanks to all this artist I realy get my imagination flowing with so many stories, thats why I love the fandom so much, it's full of good comics and fanfics and there is alot of good people working hard to share their works