Artist Needs Support

Hi mum by goddess-ofthe-night

By goddess-ofthe-night

Bronies for Good is supporting an artist who is suffering from cancer but can’t afford medication or chemotherapy. Karine Coenen details in her DeviantArt journal how, despite universal healthcare in Belgium, her insurer seems to be able to legally withhold treatment for her just because she is behind on her payments. Employers reject her because of her disease, and she can’t expect any help from her abusive family.

She is an amazingly gifted artist and enjoys drawing ponies, so go and commission her like mad, or help her in any other way you can. She really needs the money to survive.

Update 2012-02-28 13:04Z: Karine Coenen has created a dedicated page with detailed biographical information and a plethora of photos to show that her condition is real. There is also a new Derpy picture by her, which I added below.

.: For Anypony… by goddess-ofthe-night

.: For Anypony… by goddess-ofthe-night

  • F’ing insurance companies. They all need to be burned down.

  • Folly

    Definitely buying one of her calendars tomorrow, I was just thinking I needed to get one. Maybe a commission too, although I’m not entirely sure what I’d want…

    Fucking insurance companies can screw you over in so many ways no matter what. It’s just ridiculous :/

  • Thank you somuch for featuring me, this means so much to me *huggles tightly* thank you <3

    – K