Rarity at Cafe Prance by titankore

Rarity at Cafe Prance by titankore

The gifted musician and charity activist Sprocket Doggingsworth who has contributed his talent to both My Little Remix charity albums, Smile! and Seeds of Kindness, needs money for his legal defense. To this end, NCBronies are currently holding an auction and a raffle to raise money. Details below.

NCBronies are working together to host an auction and raffle in the upcoming days to help Sprocket raise money for his legal defense, after he was wrongly accused of crimes against his neighbor.

The auction is made up of several donated items put up on eBay, all of which can be found here on the seller account.

The raffle is being hosted here.

Here’s how it works:

  • For every $1 donated, you will receive a single raffle “ticket.” (A “ticket” is not a physical item).
  • You are able to purchase more than one raffle ticket.
  • Each ticket can be assigned to a specific raffle prize, thereby increasing your chances of winning that prize.

Some of the available prizes can be seen here, provided by Tinkatore, and here, provided by alltheapples. General donations should be sent to pineapplefellow@yahoo.com. (Please do not include the word “donate” in the memo, as his Paypal account isn’t registered to a non-profit organization.)

(I also want to use this opportunity to remind of an artist who requires our support!)

  • squints

    Awesome. Sprocket is a true brony, and really needs our help. So, SHUT UP AND GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY.