Aurora Plushies Review

All three Funrise plushies

All three Funrise plushies

Aurora had a line of plushies come out this summer, now they’re pretty common to find. Aurora sent us some samples to review and we were really pleased with them! Check out the image gallery at the end of this post.

There’s currently three kinds of Aurora plushies out: large plushies, small plushies with a face purse and small plushies with a cutie mark purse. They each roughly cost about $20, though it really depends on what store you go to. These are available at toy stores, gift shops, hospital shops and florists. Places that specialize in selling collector’s items like Toy Wiz can have them, too. Unfortunately Aurora doesn’t sell directly to consumers, so you’ll have to do a little looking around for them.

Each type of plushie is available as each of the mane 6. Twilight is a unicorn as well. They’re all very high-quality, with unstylable cloth manes and embroidered details. There’s various kinds of fabrics used for their hair to make them sparkly. They’re easy to clean if they ever fall in the dirt or are hugged by a kid too often and are quite soft.

Collectors will like how these are better constructed and look nicer than the Funrise plushies, but they’re easier to get than the 4th Dimension plushies. There’s no particular angle that make them look ugly or odd, though the areas where the manes attach to the neck can look a little sparse. Eyes and cutie marks fit the character and are highly detailed.

If you know a kid who has to carry around a stuffed animal wherever they go, a pony with a purse would be an excellent gift idea. The larger plushies are nice for a toy box, shelf or to snuggle with in bed. If collectors want a good-looking plushie without shelling out hundreds, these are an excellent option.

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    Got the mane 6 of these guys via Hot Topic (and glorious 25 + 10% off) in their little forms. They are cute with the wings being the only thing I’m frowning about. Hopefully 4DE will start shipping Pinkie/pre-order for Fluttershy and the little versions will be happening soon since they seem to be on par with many of the fan creations.