My Little Person by ~yiKOmega

Well you might scratch your head at the fact we’re posting up release dates for the Australian toys, but as I’ve said here at DHN, we love to international and of course this includes our brothers and sisters down under. A person by the code name Chaos_Strike95 has sent us in a little information gathered from Hasbro Aussie, namely the release dates on the up coming toys, some we’ve had around here on the American continent, and others none have seen (I think).

– Princess Cadance (Talking): Due out in June 2012 at Mainline Retailers

– Shining Armor and Cadance Fashion Style Set (Crystal Kingdom): Big W exclusive, in stores October 2012 (this is the one we reported a few days ago).

– Princess Luna & Celestia Fashion Style: Target exclusive with Canterlot program, in stores June 2012.

– Vinyl Scratch, Zecora, Trixie & Lyra: Unknown at this time.

This information comes from the customer service as Hasbro Aussie, and as the sender noted, we in the US / Canada area tend to get these toys sooner. I know people have already been on the man hunt for Trixie & Lyra at K-Mart, but still so far I have not heard anyone getting one (again, K-Mart’s site obviously derp’d).

  • StereoPony

    Heck I’m still waiting for an exact date as to when the TRU exclusive set with DJ-PON3, Trixie, Pinkie, Dash, and Nightmare moon as well as the TRU Zecora will be out in the states. I haven’t heard anything about them since the initial announment.

    Also still wondering if more Blind-Bags will make it stateside.

    But yeah glad my Aussie Bronies & Pegasisters will be getting more figures to add to their collections

  • moonsugar

    Fantastic! Thank you for posting this :D

    • Chaos_Strike95

      Obviously you eagerly waiting as well XD

  • Bob

    It’s great to know the release dates for all the Fashion Style sets but what I’m desperate for are re-release dates for the mane 6 Fashion Style. I only caught the tail end and got Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie, any idea when stores might be able to roll the others back out? I’ve heard spring. :P