Australian Brony Presentation

My apologies to Shadrow as this is a submission from 5 days ago.  We need a few people on DH that can post news up and or post submissions as they come in, so I’m not so lacking in my updates.  Anyways…

Shadrow of BronyComms (those guys with accents that are doing commentary for each FiM episode) did a college presentation of FiM, and wishes to share.with everyone (okay, been shared on EqD already).  Thankfully Shadrow has added closed captions since the audio is a touch muffled due to it well, being a college presentation room (only those high end places have dolby surround, heh).  It goes through the explanation of what MLP is, how FiM is popular with males, 18 to 34.  Its about 15 minutes long but interesting, I love reading and watching the analyzation of this show and the community, because this stuff doesn’t happen quite often (the whole a show for girls spawned a community who accepts, loves and tolerates everyone, even trolls).

So without further delay, here is My Little Pony: An Oral Presentation by Shadrow.

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