I originally added this to the other blind pony post, but figured it could use a place up front.  Seems some of our background ponies have been officially named by Hasbro.  From what I’m hearing is some people are getting a little twisted over the fact.  Personal opinion is to ignore it, or just combine the names.  Below are the images found on them, along with their names

(Source: EqD)

Update – Two more ponies have been released, Big Mac and his recolored friend Meadow Song, see below.

Lyra  >> “Heartstrings”
Blues >> “Noteworthy”
Carrot Top >> “Golden Harvest”
Berry Punch >> “Berryshine”

  • 8ftmetalhead

    Gotta say, awesome! Even more so, we have their numbers for when the packs come out in boxes (if they come out worldwide, mind you.

    Nice to see a steady transition into actual brony-based toys.

  • ZorkFox

    I think having the official names is fine, it's the recolored models that are annoying to me. There are 500 different manes and they could use.

    (And, personal opinion, the name Lyra reminds me of The Golden Compass, anyway, and has connotations of "liar" so the official name is an improvement.)

  • Anonymous

    >500 different manes and they could use

    Then they would need 500 different molds. Not profitable, it's easier to recolor.

  • Night Star

    I just care about LYRA and i gotta say:


    I want my Lyra back.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    They'd have to patent the name or some shit.
    So this is a nice alternative.

  • Anonymous

    Lyra doesn't have the same hairstyle as Twilight, Carrot Top doesn't have the same hairstyle as Pinkie, and Fruit Punch doesn't have the same hairstyle as Rarity. Heartstrings, Golden Harvest and Berryshine are obviously impostors.

  • Mezkalito

    A wild horn appears!

    Poor Berry Punch

  • Anonymous

    i hate their names gah there horrible im still gonna called them by their fan names this ones are horrible WHY HASBRO WHY!??!!?!??!

  • 8ftmetalhead

    ^^ Exactly why they do it like this has been answered multiple times.

    can't use names because of legal issues. financially retarded to make hundreds of specific moulds for toys that might not sell well.

    See this as a middle ground. When we buy these in excess, they'll probably get around to splitting a couple of branches off in our direction.

  • Anonymous

    legal issues wtf is not like the fanon is gonna sue them everyone likes their fan names if they takes those names no ones gonna conplain because it suits them right not a pick a random name out of the box and called it a day! >:(

  • Anonymous

    I really don't mind the new names too much, but I really don't like the mane styles. They could have at least drawn the pictures correctly.

  • harvardheinous

    What? Hasbro officially named him "Big Macintosh" like, er, the computer, instead of "Big McIntosh" like the apple?? >_<

  • Anonymous

    I suspect that the new names have far more to to do with "who will get the money for that character's royalties".

    Basically the same reason as "Why can't they use the G1 names instead of the G3? There's certainly been a Firefly shirt out earlier this year before the current crop of G4s caught on.

    There are certain current execs at Hasbro who will make way more money every time any MLP character is called "Pinkie Pie" or "Rainbow Dash" than "Surprise" or "Firefly" which means those "name" royalties would go to someone else, probably no longer with the company.

  • Sheps

    Aye, it's not like anyone is forcing anyone to call them by these names. Derpy Hooves's official name as far as I know is Ditzy Doo, and we continue to call her Derpy Hooves. So really, I'd just take it as an alternative name.

  • Mason

    At least Berry still has Berry in her name.