Balloon Party Album Released

Click to go to Ballon Party's Bandcamp Page

To refresh your memory, Balloon Party is an album assembled by multiple musicians from the community. The genera purpose behind the album was to raise funds to help these musicians make it to Bronycon at the end of this month. Today they have released the album that has been in the works for many months which features artists like Jackle App, Psychedelic Brony, Aviators, Pinkie Guy, The Living Tombstone and many many more. The album is basically free but if you’re kind enough to give these musicians some money, you can basically name your own price.

The wait is finally over. You are just one click away from one of the hardest, most highly anticipated albums in the history of My Little Remix. Featuring a range of top talent from both big names and brand new talent alike, this album is like nothing before. So sit back and prepare yourself for the behemoth that is “Balloon Party: 100% No Feeble Cheering”. 

Get The Album Here:

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