Balloon Party – Coming 6/4/12

Balloon Party is a collab album being put together by multiple musicians in the community, who will create a free album that shall drop on June 4th. To drop some of the names behind the album, JackleApp, TheLivingTombstone, Dethonator, Alex S, PinkiePieSwear and even Odyssey (unless I’m wrong, aka Eurobeat Brony). It originally started out as a collab between Aussie, Circuitfry but over time much like a snow ball going down a mountain it has picked up many many artists. Their main goal is to put out a free full length album for everyone to enjoy.

They are also running a donation drive, donations to this will help support and fund the musicians to make it to Bronycon this summer, and are looking for the community’s help. Remember these guys produce music free for your entertainment, and any little donation helps. There is currently an Indiegogo campaign page running that can be found here. There is also two hours worth of teaser music that can be found on seperate YouTube playlists, found here, and here.

So check’em out, and if you got a few bills kicking about your paypal account, feel free to donate.

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