Yesterday the official MLP Facebook made a comment about how Big Apple Farm was originally named Big Apple Orchard. Of course this confused a few people, as they meant to say Sweet Apple Acres. Charleston-and-Itchy on DeviantArt asked Ms. Faust about this, to which the answer is during early production, Sweet Apple Acres was named both Big Apple Orchard and Big Apple Farm, along with Big Macintosh being called Big Apple. She also goes on to say that Ponyville was originally pitched as Fillydelphia (as Faust has friends and family living in the city of Brotherly Love) but the suits said no.

  • “The more you know!”

    If it’s one thing this show has an advantage for, its background information. Lots of interesting info like this, as well.

    I now have an unrelated desire to see Philadelphia sometime this year.

  • Anonymous

    Fillydelphia is something she said a while ago, that when she pitched the show, she wanted Ponyville to be named Fillydelphia because she was from Philly or had family there, but Hasbro said it had to be Ponyville.